I’ve always been fascinated by words. If you break down the word, inspiration,
you get its true meaning. To be “within the spirit”.

Someone asked me once about writer’s block. I honestly could not relate. I find
my biggest challenge is to find the time to record all the words that are fighting
to get out of my head.

My best time was one I found quite by accident. Literally.

I broke my foot and was “incarcerated” in my home for 3 months a few
years back. For the first time in my life, I was not on a schedule. Imagine that.
On leave from work, kids were old enough to fend for themselves, husband self-
sufficient as ever….so I slept, ate, awoke, functioned in every way exactly when I
wanted. It was Heaven.

That is when I got serious about writing. I would be awakened at 2 or 3 am with
an idea, go to the computer and just let my fingers fly across the keyboard for a
few hours. It was effortless on my part. I was “within spirit” of writing.

There is/was a book in there just waiting to come out. I was just the conduit.
I used to hear professional authors talk about this process. I just never
understood it until then.

It started as a book about humor in the face of pain. How the funniest people
I have ever known have also been the most troubled. Humor as a survival
technique. Before very long, it got deeply personal. It was for me, a catharsis.

No better therapy anywhere. I bared my very soul on those many pages of text.
Resurrected memories I had long suppressed. I discovered things about myself
that I always suspected, but had forgotten.

Life, capital L,  got in the way.

I most likely never needed a muse. The power to create was in me all along. I
just had to get out of my own way and tap into it.

Life handed me a broken foot. I paid attention.

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2 Responses to Inspiration

  1. writerinsoul says:

    This is great. Lot of interesting ideas here. Consider re-blogging? (When people say they don’t know what to write about, I can’t relate either. And I like the line about funny, troubled people — Have I brought up the Twain quote before – about the secret source of humor being not joy but sorrow?)

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