Who is Paul McCartney??

The 2012 Grammy telecast, a.k.a. The Adele Awards, featured some performances which appealed to a somewhat more “seasoned” demographic. Bruce Springsteen, The Beach Boys, the music of Etta James, duets featuring Tony Bennett, guitar solos by legendary rock artists, and  Paul McCartney were a welcome addition to the event. The end of the show was left to the former Beatle and showcased the final selection from my favorite album of all time, Abbey Road. This is not just my favorite “Beatles” album, it represents a special mood and time in my life, as well as being significant as the final studio album created by the group just before breaking up. Released during my very impressionable college years, it is a glorious collection that I almost wore out as an LP (long-playing record). I say almost, because, as my kids will testify, it was often broken out as background dinner music over the years. They must have watched my husband and I with some curiosity, as we hummed and sang along with each of those diverse songs.

The selection chosen to end the Grammy program was led by McCartney and included a drum solo (which I learned was the only drum solo that Ringo Starr ever did on any of their records), as well as a guitar jam session that included McCartney, Springsteen, as well as Jeff Beck, Joe Walsh and David Grohl of the Foo Fighters who might be best known as part of Nirvana. I was pretty sure that most of the audience might not recognize some of the musicians playing guitar, but I was dismayed to learn from my son that many young folks were had to google the question…Who is Paul McCartney? Yikes. Musical education opportunity that went wrong somewhere along the line…makes you realize that someday, future generations will be asking…Who was Whitney Houston, Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Radiohead, maybe even Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley ????

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