When Life Gives You Lemons

There is a large crystal bowl on my kitchen table that is full of lemons. I usually get  8 or 10 of them at a time at a local Farmer’s Market. I have always loved them. Mostly, I squeeze them into my spring water; heeding the advice that a glass of lemon water in the early a.m. is really good for your health. It is said to cleanse the liver, and in turn, your intestinal tract. It’s what I do in the morning even before making a pot of coffee or thinking about breakfast. Works for me.

I keep the used sections on a plate by my sink, and I use them to refresh/deodorize the garbage disposal a few times daily. The oil in the lemon rind gives off a surprisingly strong fragrance; no doubt why it is used in so many cleaning products.

They have so many uses in cooking; giving that needed zing in poultry and seafood recipes; making a difference in cole slaw and other mayonnaise-based salads and sauces; lightening up those pastry/cake recipes; and for sure…as lemonade, which I rarely ever make, oddly enough…something about all that sugar.

It could be said that the lemon is yet another food that triggers a childhood memory for me.  I watched in awe as my grandmother took a bowl of cut lemons to the bathroom to use as a rinse on her hair. It enhanced the silky “whiteness” of a head of hair that must have turned white in her late 40’s, according to the black and white photos I had seen. She wore her white hair proudly, in contrast to those of my generation who go to great lengths to cover up any sign of the grey/white hairs which come so naturally.  A few months ago, I decided to let my hair color grow out…just to see what’s really under there since I have colored it since my late 40’s. And while I am not quite ready to go to the lemon rinse, it is not nearly as bad as I had suspected.

Lemons…lemonade and so much more.lemon

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