Shelter In Place


This is not a picture of broccoli. This is the Google Earth view of the area in the Poconos where there is a concentrated manhunt for a cop-killer on the loose. He is 31 yr. old, lives with his parents, with a disdain for state police for undisclosed reasons. It is said he is also a survivalist, who could live in this environment indefinitely; and a gun aficionado, having stolen several weapons from his father, a former Army sergeant.

His early interest in guns came from seemingly harmless exercises in Airsoft ; something well known to me and other mothers of teenage boys. There has been no mention of education or employment; only that he has become isolationist in recent years.

He ambushed 2 state police troopers during a shift change at the local Monroe County barracks; killing one and wounding the other. His father claims that he is an excellent marksman and usually never misses his target. (Seriously..that is the father’s statement?)

He escaped into the night; and into some of the most dense wooded areas in the mountains of this Pennsylvania paradise. Schools have been closed indefinitely. Citizens are watching with fear outside their windows; and if you google Poconos, or Monroe County, Pa…you will see the warning   “Shelter In Place”.

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