Of Corn and Campfire

Scan2Facebook, for me, is all about the photos. In our ADHD world, it is so much easier to “Like” a post if the wording is short, if it’s a viral video less than 2 minutes long, or a picture that is personal. This category of personal would exclude cats, rescued dogs, babies not your own, grandchildren you’ve never met, etc. This also excludes game apps, religious and political lecture pieces , surveys that determine which 80’s movie character you are most like, and certainly those chain-letter posts that you must forward or risk bad luck. OMG.

But the pictures fascinate me. All of those newly-ordained iphone photographers out there. Some are awful. Some take my breath away.

Sometimes, it’s all about the subject matter. One that caught me eye and warranted a “Like” involved a night scene around a campfire; not a makeshift campfire, but one of those that was a permanent fixture in the back yard, surrounded by a very substantial stone structure. You could tell they did this often. In the background of this well-staged pic was a vast cornfield. Family members of 3 generations were seated on bales of hay, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows.

It was perfect, and I was envious. I was sure that I, like most others, have never lived in a place that featured both corn and campfire. She was lucky to have grown up in such a wonderful environment. I can understand why she makes the 200 mile journey home so often.

I made that comment. She “liked” me back. Facebook can still be wonderful at times.

Scan1 View from my backyard. Michigan sweet corn.

Scan3 Another scene from my “hood”. Corn storage.

Note: All corn; no campfire.

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