Dear Frito Lay

Stop the Insanity ! They are up to it again; asking the public to vote on fan-inspired new flavors for their potato chip.


I admit that when the chocolate covered potato chip arrived on the scene, I tried it. It was pretty decadent. I would never want to repeat the experience, especially when you add coffee and cinnamon to get a Cappuccino chip. Seriously.

Bacon almost always improves food, except maybe here, when it seems that heavy cheese would smother the bacon-y goodness. (What does macaroni taste like, anyway?)

Mango salsa is wonderful, but does the sweetness compliment a white potato?

There is just nothing to say about the Wasabi Ginger thing. Dear God.

So, in summation:

Please, please, Frito Lay, stop messing with the perfection that is your original Lay’s Potato Chip. It is just about the best thing since, well, sliced potatoes !


Loyal Fan and Chip Purist

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5 Responses to Dear Frito Lay

  1. Well said- I totally agree with you! Their original flavor is the best!

  2. Agree! Leave the original alone!

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