Avocado… A Love Story

coverI fell into a love/hate relationship with the avocado back in the 1970’s.

We didn’t have many avocados growing up. I was not a fan. Like Maggie Smith once said in a movie when criticizing the American obsession with guacamole “It’s like someone threw a lawn in the blender”.

My first green sandwich was from a health food cafe in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was such an eye opener. You didn’t have to turn them into mush; sliced avocado with alfalfa sprouts, fresh cucumber, sliced onion, tomato and leaf spinach on whole grain bread. This one also had a slice of cheese for the added protein. Nirvana.


Oh, the freshness !! I was forever changed. Now I would seek them out. But there was an issue. I was never really sure when to cut into them. Ripe, not ripe enough, way too ripe. They all seemed the same to me in the beginning. I lost too many of them to admit.

And when I found them to be perfect, a new issue. Do I eat the whole thing at one sitting to avoid the requisite browning ???

Some advice I got…sprinkle with lime juice; leave the seed inside to reduce the air exposure; cover tightly with saran wrap; place cut side down into an air tight container; cover with a thin layer of water to block the air (when you spill out the water, the fruit will still be green)?  Huh ??

Turning the leftover into guacamole was no solution; it would also brown on the surface.

Today, the avocado is everywhere. Its health benefits have been praised; its popularity increased exponentially. avo benefits

And I believe I have mastered it. I still make my version of the green sandwich with the slices. I often buy a size that I know I can eat in a day. If I get those very large, thin-skinned California varieties, I smash the leftover, place it into a Rubbermaid container that is taller, but with the smallest lid surface. I then carefully cover the surface with plastic wrap and press down, eliminating most of the air.

It is perfect. There is little or no browning. I am good to go, even the next day or so.

Over time, I learned to do this:


Also, to leave a larger section as leftover, you can store it with the seed intact, but cut it to expose the smallest surface area; like this:

cut avocado

I stopped adding fresh salsa or pretty much anything to my smashed fruit. I prefer to just sprinkle some Kosher salt and a bit of heat…either black pepper or red pepper flakes. Simple and delicious. Served over a toasted English muffin or bagel…my absolute favorite breakfast !

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