Justice ?

Here we go. Again.


Sometimes, it takes a comedian.

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One Response to Justice ?

  1. LadyPinkRose says:

    This planet is so sick and that goes for its people too. When I watched this video, I just could not believe my eyes as to what I was seeing. I am honestly shocked and just covered in goosebumps as I write this. And here I am, doing all I can to promote Love at Petals, and I have to ask myself, am I getting anywhere? *tears* I just care too much. I’m relieved to see that others are really upset about this. We should be. We just cannot turn our heads the other way anymore. Where did the power of the people go? And how did police officers become so powerful? I’ve had several events in my life being very mistreated by the police, and let me tell you, from out of that experience, I don’t trust cops anymore. And now when I see this … Something has to be done about this horror. I could write a much longer comment then this …. I’m done. Thanks for listening. Love, Amy

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