8 colors

Original package. 1903

We all started out with the basic 8 colors. That’s all we needed. Introduced by Binney and Smith in 1903, they sold for a nickel, and no doubt had the same fragrance we all remember on opening the box…the smell of wax and joy.

Early on, I obeyed the rules, kept within a neat pattern, never mixing the colors or straying beyond the edges. Those who did not scared me a little.

That all changed. When I had my children, the mantra was different. Always, and I mean, always color outside the lines. Also known as “think outside the box”, there are so many metaphors for creativity. They received the message; I was so proud of their unique way of looking at life. They expressed this through multiple venues; painting, drawing, sculpture, music, lyrics, poetry, photography, creative writing and comedy.

Color has always been a reflection of state of mind for me. If you look at photographs, or even into my closet, it is so clear. There was a lot of black and grey in darker times, beige and brown for when I was trying to disappear. The bold primary colors of yellow, blue and orange were for the happiest times, pastels for the calmest, and red for when I felt powerful and unafraid. Purple came later, reflecting the royal nature of the “queen bee”.

Working in a professional world dominated by men, I avoided pink at all costs. Then my daughter was born; and I embraced pink for the first time in decades. I should thank her for that.

A tribute to another kind of color. From the mind of Cyndi Lauper. 1986.

Beautiful, like a rainbow.

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One Response to Crayola

  1. Maria says:

    I L O V E this post! It made me look at colors in my own life. And like you I avoided pink until my girls came around, for different reasons though. And after have gone through the black, blue, green and purple years. I am now embracing turquoises, it brings me so much peace and creativity. And it is the color i connect to my start as a teacher student. a happy moment where I found a huge part of myself. I even remember wearing a turquoise sweater the first time I was a teacher temp. Colors are so powerful, and you put it into such a great perspective ❤ thank you!

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