Mrs. Bill Cosby. Educator, writer, philanthropist, role model.camille

Inspiration for the much-loved wife/mom of The Cosby Show.

Married for 50 years and seemingly standing by her man, she must know something.

Families who are scarred by infidelity always suspect, and often know more than they are willing to admit.

She moves through this scandal with the same dignity, grace and poise that defined Claire Huxtable, a most respected and admired character on the ground-breaking sitcom.


From the recent CNN interview. 2014

She married Cosby at age 19, leaving her education behind to support his rising stand-up comedy career. Raising 5 children, one of whom was senselessly murdered, they have been rewarded for success and burdened by scandal for some time.

The latest barrage of accusations must hold some element of truth. There is just too much evident pain, and too many similarities in the stories.

And that is heartbreaking. I, like so many, have been a fan of his comedy for a long time.

Now, I wonder.

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One Response to Camille

  1. writerinsoul says:

    I don’t pretend to know the whole story or the intimate business of two strangers, but I kind of wonder if she has enabled him somehow. Has she been *too* stoic and silent for too long. She is of that generation.

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