A favorite song, with an even better lyric. Written in 1970, it was about Woodstock.melanie

We were so close, there was no room
We bled inside each others wounds
We all had caught the same disease
And we all sang the songs of peace

Some came to sing, some came to pray
Some came to keep the dark away

The message has worked for me over the years; maybe even here on WordPress.

So many come here to “sing” their stories, many are sad, tragic, almost unbearably dark. Somehow, in the sharing, we are able to relate. We recognize our own sorrow in theirs.

We begin to open doors long closed. And we “bleed inside each others wounds”.

There is always support, much advice, endless empathy. So many, like myself, came here “to keep the dark away”.

There is light and hope and love. And I, for one, am so very thankful.

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3 Responses to Melanie

  1. Hello my friend
    I remember the song like it was yesterday. I can hear the beat in my head. Your post deeply touched me. I’m so glad we met.

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