Slow Food


Ham and Cabbage. I add green beans.

My very favorite foods are the ones that take hours to cook. Fast food be damned, I like to cook “slow”.

Maybe it’s about being grounded in my kitchen, my comfort zone; makes for a sweet day.

Chicken soup, chili, beef stew, slow-cooked ribs or brisket, Pennsylvania Dutch pot pie, stuffed cabbage, pot roast,  and my very favorite, Paprikash, from an earlier post of the same name.

This was the cooking style of my grandmother. I was a toddler, but I was fascinated by her technique. It was instinctive. She never used a recipe.

For hours, the house is filled with heart-warming aromas; bringing humidity to the dry, heated air of winter.


Le Creuset, French for “Expensive”

I treated myself to one of these overpriced, ceramic Le Creuset pots.  It weighs about 50 pounds empty,  requires tender loving care to clean, but it does a good job.

Not convinced I really needed it; I am more of a white ceramic soup pot, cast aluminum dutch oven kind of cook.

But my daughter had a red one gracing her stove top in her mid 20’s; I was envious, and yielded to the pressure.

Today is Sunday, it is 7 am Eastern time, there is a forecast of snow/sleet/ rain.veggie

I am one hour into the stew process for a double-smoked ham hock; cabbage, potatoes, carrots,onion and green beans, all farmer’s market fresh, to arrive later.

My dad used to call it “poor folk food”.  I’d say we ate like royalty.

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6 Responses to Slow Food

  1. I love how cooking traditions pass down through families, how the whole endeavor evokes memories. My family never had that so I’m a dud in the kitchen. I’m jealous!

  2. Angie Mc says:

    Slow food helps me to slow down…perfect for Sunday ❤

  3. lbeth1950 says:

    Wish I could share it with you.

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