SNL Bush Gore

SNL’s Darrell Hammond, Will Ferrell

It wasn’t a one liner; more of a single word  from Will Ferrell, posing as George W. Bush in a mock debate with Al “Lockbox” Gore:


It’s the first thing that came to mind after watching the press conferences given by the coach and quarterback of the New England Patriots. Seems that they had consulted each other beforehand, and were unified in their denial of wrongdoing.

“Inflate Gate”. We are evidently so worked up about this in the U.S., that on all/most news networks the morning after the State of the Union Address, football integrity was the lead story.  Social media is in full fury as well.

Really ?

Nothing more to say.

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6 Responses to Strategery

  1. mandy smith says:

    Oh, thank you for “addressing” this 🙂 My sentiments exactly!

  2. I don’t doubt that the coach and quarterback knew about it but someone in the organization knew. Says what the average person feels is important.

    • Hi Betty. I’ve always been a football fan, and it is about the Super Bowl, but it is getting way too much attention, shifting the focus from what really matters. I can’t help but wonder what the rest of the world must be thinking about our priorities. Thanks for commenting. ☺

      • Next week it will be about why Seahawks rusher won’t talk to the media. We have odd notions as towhat is important. We have been Seahawk since they began. The media carries to the extreme.

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