Indoor Camping

power outage candleSome of my favorite memories have involved being snowed-in, and without electric power.

There is something about the challenge that is so special for me; and I share that joy with my family…like it or not.

It doesn’t happen as much as it used to, since our connections are all underground now. The longest break in service ever was about a week long, and that was rare.2 lamp

For a few hours, or even days, it is manageable. We’ve always had a gas stove; providing warmth as we collected around the kitchen table with candles and lanterns, blocking off the doorways with blankets as needed. Cards and board games work well here.

Pots of water on the stove-top provide heat and moisture. We can cook whatever is available.smores S’mores usually make an appearance, and add to the indoor camp atmosphere.

If there was a fireplace, it was good to tent an area for makeshift bedding. As kids, we had feather beds…no getting cold under those.

fireplaceWarm water is available, bathing is optional.

We are always well-armed with flashlights and batteries.

For years, we have kept a 5 gallon bottled water dispenser; and stored enough canned goods to feed a small army. Those foods always taste better under duress.

My sympathy goes out to anyone who suffers through these events, especially the homeless and the elderly. I don’t mean to make light of their condition. gasoline lamp

But for most of us, it is more of a lesson in survival without the everyday luxuries we take for granted.

It is an eye-opener, a challenge, and the stuff of memories.  I welcome it, at least for a while.

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7 Responses to Indoor Camping

  1. LaVagabonde says:

    It’s (finally) snowing here today, too. So much nicer to see than gray. Never had to deal with a power outage because of snow. Sounds like you made the best of it.

  2. writerinsoul says:

    I feel just the same. In fact, I’ve considered *purposely* shutting the power off to recreate the situation…

  3. Angie Mc says:

    Super sweet. Especially the smore part 😀

  4. mandy smith says:

    It’s crazy for me, too, Van, but I have reveled in the excitement of surviving power outages. Of course it wouldn’t feel that way if it were long lasting, or I knew tthere might really be no coming back to all the creature comforts those of us so fortunate enjoy. But I think it takes me back to my early days-post depression-era, where we had to do a lot of “bucking up” and toughing it out, when food was scarce or we had to huddle around the wood stove to keep warm. 🙂

    • So right, Mandy. I think I internalized my grandmother’s post-Depression sense of survival. I get a little adrenaline rush with candle-power. Also, for example, it’s almost impossible for me to waste food. She (I) could make a roasting chicken last for 3 days, coming back in delicious, alternate forms. I’ve been known to build a meal around 70 cents worth of mushrooms before they go bad. ☺

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