The Walker’s Brain

This illustration is fascinating to myself and anyone who has suffered with any form of depression. brain

I did not reference the source article, since I did not agree with all of its claims; namely that a 20 minute walk might aid in the treatment of mental illness.

I have been there, more times than I care to admit…psychotherapy, medication, new age alternatives, everything short of hospitalization.

And of course,  there is no viable substitution for an informed combination of therapy and medication for chronic depression.

But, there is something to this walking thing;  it has been of tremendous benefit to me.

It must be about endorphins. There has always been a “runners high”, but there is a certain degree of this to be had by simply walking.

Combined with fresh air,  the Vitamin D derived on even sunless days, and a minimal amount of sweat, the 30 to 40 minute daily walk has saved me. It has improved my mood and my outlook; and for hours afterward, increases my energy level.

At least until I sustained a physical injury. A groin pull. (No, seriously – they are not just for athletes).

The few months I spent in physical therapy helped with the muscle; did nothing for the brain. I was so anxious to get back out there.

And I did. It’s been working for me for almost 10 years now. On days when I can’t walk, I am restless and moody (family would say “bitchy”).

It doesn’t solve all of life’s problems and it will not correct a faulty brain chemistry. But for me, it’s a welcome addiction, and one that I’ll honor for as long as I’m physically able.




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