Bruce Jenner is in the news again; this time for a fatal traffic accident while being pursued by Paparazzi in Malibu.

Dramatic changes in his physical appearance have suggested the possibility of gender transformation. Why do we care ?

I choose to remember him like this.

decathlon Gold medalist in the 1976 Olympics, Montreal.

His was the most traditional, respected contest of all, the Decathlon; a grueling challenge that involves 10 separate tests of athletic skill. He championed the event in a record breaking performance.

WheatiesHis accomplishment was heralded on the coveted Wheaties box.

He was parodied on the newly emerging “Saturday Night Live” by John Belushi, a character whose training regimen involved cigarettes and little chocolate donuts. John-Belushi-SNL-Little-Chocolate-Donuts-skit

There was probably no American alive in 1976 who was not familiar with the name and reputation of Bruce Jenner.

An Olympic hero.

His attempts at a career in show business fell short. He went on to a successful business career. He married twice, fathered 4 children.

And then, the Kardashians.

He married Kris, the former Mrs. Robert Kardashian, lawyer to the infamous. He had 2 more children with Kris, and was stepfather to the 4 Kardashian children.

The rest of the story.Jenner 76

And now, he wants to be a woman.


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4 Responses to Olympian

  1. mandy smith says:

    I have always loved Bruce Jenner, Van. I’ve even watched the Kardashians because I want to support him in that family. I always find myself saying, “Poor Bruce.” I’ve felt sad as I’ve watch his life changes played out on center stage. I don”t know what to think. I guess we’ll find out more when he does his reality show about his new life. I will support him whatever happens.

  2. Definitely a weird story

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