Love, Unexpressed

On this day that honors love in all its glorious forms, I dedicate this one to all those folks who feel it with such intensity, yet cannot express it.

It was first recorded in 1972 by Brenda Lee, then again by Elvis on his marital breakup. The most haunting version was delivered by Willie Nelson.

It is almost like tears put to song.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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9 Responses to Love, Unexpressed

  1. Victo Dolore says:

    I adore Willie’s version, too!

  2. mandy smith says:

    Love Willie and that song, Van!

  3. LadyPinkRose says:

    Oh, wow, this is so beautiful! Why WHY do people stumble over the three words …. I LOVE YOU? These were some of my last words to my Dad, and he me. I’m in emotion soup today, so you really got me mushy! Love, Amy

    • My Dad used to address this with us…always said that he showed love by the way he took care of us. He would look at the food on the kitchen table and say…that is how some of us express it. Needless to say, we all became “foodies” as adults. I’m so glad you had those last words with your Dad…that will sustain you, Amy. Sorry for the mushy…but to me, that is the good stuff. xoxox Van

      • LadyPinkRose says:

        Don’t ever apologize for the mushy, Van. Please. That is what counts in my world. My last conversation I had with my Dad via SKYPE, we countered back and forth “I Love you”, “I Love You More” until I said “I Love you 4 times as much as you Love me, Daddy!” and then the moment was gone, and he disappeared back into another space. I will never forget the words nor his expression, as he, who could barely speak, spoke clearly these words to me. They are THE most important words to me. I am tearing up telling you this, Van. Thank you for listening. My Dad and I really had a very Loving relationship. He had no problem saying those words to me, when he trouble saying those words, with others in our family. But not to me. And upon reflection, I think the reason why is because my Heart was open to my Dad, and he feeling this, freely gave of himself in Love to me. Others have their Heart closed in this family. Such a great loss not to hear those words. (((HUGS))) Amy

      • So sweet, Amy, you were both blessed. Thanks for sharing your open heart. 💕

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