Old Soul

Are you an Old Soul ? Take this quiz to find out.

Manny Librodo Rosalinda

Photo by Manny Librodo “Rosalinda”

This has shown up frequently on a number of media outlets.

Sometimes there are 4 questions, sometimes 14. There are a few common traits that the old souls share.

1. You don’t fit in. Never have. You are uncomfortable in most social situations, as you understand how insignificant they really are. You don’t see the point.

2. You relate best to folks who are older than you, even as a child. Early on, people could talk to you like an adult. You liked your teachers better than your fellow students.

3. You have little or no interest in material goods. They bore you.

4. You size up people really quickly. There is no type you haven’t met before. You have a well-evolved “bs” detector.

5. You are a deep thinker. You seek knowledge, wisdom and truth in all things.

6. You are a loner. You cherish isolation. It helps with # 5.

My suspicion is that most creative types fall into this category. Artists, writers, philosophers, mad scientists, evil geniuses all exhibit the qualities of a highly evolved soul.

They just seem to know that which we are all trying to figure out.

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29 Responses to Old Soul

  1. Do you get those moments of recognition when you are in the presence of something/someone connected with an old soul? I remember, about thirty years ago, walking along a very busy street and passing by an old, gnarled lilac tree. The main trunk was enormous for a lilac in these northern parts. I IMMEDIATELY felt a connection and a feeling of awe. The trembling kind of awe. It was a little bit freaky (I mean, it’s a SHRUB!) and a little bit familiar. Thanks for this.

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  3. I’m right there with you. 💖

  4. Interesting profile. I tend to gravitate toward those who reflect those qualities.

  5. lbeth1950 says:

    Nailed it. Love it when we find each other. Congrats on being profiled by Maggie.

  6. I saw this on the book of faces the other day, and yea…fits me pretty well. I’ve always accepted that my soul has been around the block more than a few times.

    No wonder I’m so tired 🙂

    Nice little blog you got going here, Van.

  7. It seems presumptuous to claim to be an old soul, but I’d have to say ‘yes’ to all of them.

    • Hi Helen, maybe not so presumptuous after all, Buddhists and other eastern philosophies believe that we keep coming back to “get it right”. Each incarnation allows us to correct previous errors and oversights. Maybe old souls are just slow learners ? Thanks for your comment. Van

  8. writerinsoul says:

    Um, yes, yes. I’ve seen this before but am glad to see it again. I was struck then and now with how a few of the traits are similar to those found on the autism spectrum EXCEPT significantly, the ability to read people (definitely not a strong suit of autism).

    And old souls are possibly “just slow learners” – haha!

  9. megdekorne says:

    Good morning Van , …I love the face of this woman , deeply beautiful in all its naturalness , an expression of true life …warm hugs dear Vanessa on this snowy morning …xxxmeg

    • Thanks, Meg. I wrote the piece just to use the photo. Mesmerizing.
      Will be so glad to see February 2015 come to a close .I do love the cold, but enough already. Warm thoughts back to you, Miss Meg. xoxox

  10. This explains a lot about who I thought I was and who I am. I am an old soul ! 🙂

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