To Read, Write or Follow ?

As you begin to gather more followers, do you find it difficult to keep up ? I recently was MIA from WordPress for over a week, and on return, was not sure how to proceed.hungryfeed

It’s important to me to select those I follow carefully, because I read every post they write. Or at least I thought so, until they backed up on me a bit.

My first goal was to write. I was never sure there would be an audience, and it was not really important to me. I just wanted to get some things out.

And then, the followers came; and even better…the comments.

I was hooked. The comments made it personal, told me who was paying attention. Some of my very best moments on WP come from the comments. So now, I don’t just read the author’s posts, I read the comments as well; it is time well spent.

I would love some advice. How do you keep up ? What is most important to you as a writer and a reader ? Can you have too many followers ?

Are we all headed here ?     computer-woman-laptop-260x178

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38 Responses to To Read, Write or Follow ?

  1. butchcountry67 says:

    through out the day when I am taking a break from life, I read a few blogs, leave a comment or a like, then again about an hour before bed I sit down and read after I have posted something myself, and I dedicate 1 day (usually Sundays) to read every single blog from those that follow me, it gets overwhelming at times yes, but I do very much like reading and learning about other people and cultures etc. so I don’t mind spending the extra time to read them all.

  2. Maria says:

    This is something I am pondering a lot about these days too. Like you I came her to write, I just needed to get my word out of my head some how. Then I started to follow some blogs I loved, and now I have so many I cant keep up with reading all of them!

    And I don’t want to unfollow either!

    My focus right now is to read every comment and respond as fast as I can. Sometimes I read the comments in a place where I cant respond, I then wait until I have time so that my respond is not just a empty word.

    On my blog I have some regular followers that always seem to like my post and usually leave a comment too. These people (you included) are very special to me. And it means a lot to get the comments, so I need to take my time to respond well too.

    My only stress right now is that I don’t have enough concentration to read a lot of posts myself. So much is going on that I find it hard to read long posts. But I try. And I feel bad about missing out on great blog posts and life events.

    I don’t even post every day either.

    But I think life is just like that. Some period’s of the year I can read a lot and comment every where I would like, some times I hardly post a blog post myself and all I can do is trying my best to respond to those who comment.

    W O W! My respond is a blog post all by itself LOL I guess I just have a lot of thoughts about this too 😉

    Hugs ❤

  3. nimi naren says:

    Hi! That’s something I think about a lot. I follow many blogs and read all the posts. So I have come up with a system. I have divided the blogs I follow into five groups. So every day I read the blogs from one group. That way I feel I can do justice to all the people I follow.

  4. The people I follow are as varied as my own personal interests. I am more selective now in who I follow as I want my Reader to be filled with posts that I find interesting and/or engaging. I have been winnowing out the number I follow not because they aren’t good blogs, necessarily, but because sometimes a blog evolves into something I don’t really care about anymore. I try to remember that blogging is supposed to be a pleasurable thing and not another obligation in life. If it becomes too much of a chore, all the fun is gone!

  5. Ditto on everything Maria and Nimi said! It’s a common challenge and I also struggle to “do it all.” Comments are precious indeed, and I make a point to respond to every one as quickly as I can. I get email notifications for the blog postings that I don’t want to miss (like yours) and use my reader to browse the rest.

    When I started to feel stressed by the drain on my writing time, I made a decision to allocate two hours a day to blogging, no more. I now make a conscious choice to enjoy that time, to take a deep breath and let the rest go. I know I’ll miss great posts here and there, but I need the balance, and truly, it’s impossible to keep up.

    Hope that helps!

  6. I follow about 200 blogs and cannot possibly read every post. I try to read at least one post per person in a week. When I have periods of busyness or I’m on vacation, I do not go back to read the posts I missed. I hope the bloggers I follow are not hurt by this, just as I am not hurt if someone doesn’t read my every post, which is constant, as I know how many people follow my blog and I never even come close to that number of views. That’s ok though, really. I love writing and am grateful that any visit or take the time to comment. Does that make sense? ❤
    Diana xo

  7. Victo Dolore says:

    I wish I had good advice. I try to read everyone’s posts so I have had to become more selective in who I follow. Sometimes there is just no hope, though….

  8. I read wordpress blogs on my phone throughout the day when I have an odd break. I don’t watch much TV so when I sit down with a cup of tea, I have a read of blogs I follow. That is how I keep on top of it. When I am on vacation or otherwise out of schedule, I obviously cannot keep on top of reading blogs so I just pick up from that point forwards. It does not cause me offence when people disappear from reading my blog for a bit or even if they stop following altogether and, therefore, I think the same applies in reverse. Everyone who blogs has a life they are committed to living after all.

    • Wise words, Laura. I too have replaced TV with so many other pursuits. Thanks for commenting, it’s so true…I too have never been offended when folks disappear from my blog. We all come back in due time. ☺ Van

  9. mandy smith says:

    I’m so glad you got hooked on the interaction, Van. Otherwise we may not have met and that would have been a shame! I came to WP looking for interaction. Not having much in the way of family, friends, support, I wasn’t sure anyone would read my blog, but they did, and I really lucked out–I found my tribe. I feel fulfilled family/friend wise, and I do my best to check on everyone almost daily. When I miss a day (which I have with the book project) I feel a terrible emptiness. As the numbers grow, it does become more of a challenge, but I will do my best to be there for the ones I feel that connection with. I know many loyal “likers” don’t actually read my blog–or maybe they occasionally do and just don’t comment. Just seeing their little avatar makes me feel good and I still read theirs. Everyone has different circumstances, so I guess we all figure out what works! ❤

    • You bring up so many points, Mandy. I too feel at a loss when I can’t connect. Love the “tribe” concept…brilliant. I sometimes wonder how many silent followers there are out there…folks who read but don’t feel comfort in commenting. I’d like to think there are benefits for them in the reading process alone. Thanks for your thoughtful response…also glad to have you in my tribe. ☺ Van

  10. LaVagabonde says:

    I am very choosy on who I follow, because I read and comment on just about every post. I follow very few compared to the number who follow mine, but so many of those who follow mine aren’t really reading. (It didn’t take me long to figure out that most people follow just to get you to follow back.) Also, I don’t watch television, read any “news” or other websites, and getting boks in English over here is not easy, so my entertainment comes from reading blogs. I prefer the honesty and humility of words from real people. 🙂 I never expected to get any readers when I started my blog,and especially didn’t expect to connect with others, so I’m so grateful that I’ve met so many cool and diverse individuals such as yourself, Van.

    • “I prefer the honesty and humility of words from real people”…Perfect ! It almost seems like there must be an automatic “like” feature. Sometimes, the “like” shows up within seconds of my way anyone had time to read it. Your work is special, Julie, and is on my “must read” list. It has been a true pleasure. Thanks. ☺ Van

  11. What is the limit of followers a person can handle? Can you ever have ‘too many’? Can’t keep up anymore?
    If people really like ‘you’ and your material, (like me) they will be back for more Van, do not fear.

  12. writerinsoul says:

    Van, back in Oct I read a similar post about this topic and was very impressed with a comment by who said this in part:

    “You can’t read everybody. You follow a handful of the best. Then you have a second tier… people that you are crazy about. You try to remember to visit their blog as often as you can, read a few posts, leave a few comments. But you can’t follow all of them. This will set you up to fail. Spend too much time reading and your own blogging will suffer. And your first responsibility here is to be a good blogger, not a good follower. You know, like the responsibility of parents is to raise good ADULTS, not good children. If you can do both, more power to you.”

    Personally, I have a tendency to overwhelm myself and on WordPress, there is just SO MUCH, that is easily done. I remind myself, “this is not a job.”

  13. Some people I hate to miss a single post. I subscribe via email. I seldom miss posts from those few people.
    Some people I actually prefer to read all at once, playing catch-up — a few of the fiction writers, for instance. It’s nice to cut out an hour and just read post to post.
    Also, most of the people who are following me aren’t participating, so I have no idea if they’re actually reading. Until someone likes consistently or comments, I’m not likely to venture out. Now and again, I check out my new followers.
    I’ve found my favorite bloggers mostly through comments on other blogs.
    I regularly scroll my reader. Honestly, even with my faves, if the post title doesn’t grab me, or I lose interest in the first few lines, I give up and move on. I assume most people are equally fickle. Either that, or they have a lot more time than I do 🙂

    • You remind me that I should give the email another try…at first, I was overwhelmed, but it seems like a good way to screen the favorites. I can usually tell after a few posts if a follower and I have similar interests/topics, but I too am drawn in by the first few lines. Thanks for chiming in, Joey, it helps ! ☺ Van

  14. Angie Mc says:

    Van, great questions…million dollar questions! I like it so much that I’m inspired to write a lengthier reply as a blog post. When I do, I’ll link back.

    My brief blink response is that I’m comfortable to do what I can when I can. I also freely give that freedom to others. While there are a variety of expectations out there, it is up to me to set mine properly and not let them be placed on me. I enjoy letting relationships unfold naturally, understanding that some be last a brief moment and others, perhaps, a lifetime. And everything in between. It helps that I just want people to be happy whoever, where ever, and how ever they are 😀

    And I thought this a great post to tell you that I wrote a poem, Love in Ten Lines, and thought of you . There is no expectation, thank goodness, but there is a sincere thank you.

  15. Ellen Hawley says:

    I’m beginning to see how a person can drown in it all. I wish I had some advice, but I don’t. I tend not to read comments on other people’s blogs because–well, because it’s just more than I can handle, even though they’re often wonderful. I love the comment aspect of my own blog–that’s where the real life comes into it. So there’s no real logic to it, it’s just a way I’ve found to make life a bit more manageable.

    • Like someone else really don’t want to turn it into a job. Sucks the joy out of it all. Thanks for the comment…I agree that it is where these blogs come to life ! Van

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