Dashboard Jerry

seinfeldIt started as a joke, or maybe as a tribute, but he has become my version of a dashboard Jesus, St. Christopher’s medal, statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. My good luck charm.

A four inch black and white photo of Jerry Seinfeld has graced the console of my 99 Suzuki SUV for almost 15 years.

Seinfeld wordsLike so many, I was a huge fan of the show about nothing, which really turned out to be a show about the everything of our ordinary lives.

It was hard to be an adult in the 1990’s and not recognize the buzz words.

My co-workers knew of my passion for the sitcom and felt my excitement when the announcement came in the local paper. Seinfeld was coming to my home town. Tickets went on sale on Friday morning at 8 a.m. I was at work.

We went to our computers and phones. We failed. It sold out in the first 10 minutes.


For reasons that are still unclear, I cut out the newspaper photo and placed it in my car, right at the front of my console, where I’d see it everyday. Maybe it was about being a fan, maybe it was the support of my work friends, maybe it would work as a good luck charm and some available ticket would come my way ?

Somehow, it has remained there since 2002. The tattered edges have been trimmed, it has faded a bit, it has traveled 100,000 miles with my family.

Never an accident, no failed inspection, no mechanical failure. The only expenses have been tires and oil changes.

My teens learned to drive on that car. Jerry was always on board. They tried to remove him, finding it hard to explain him to their friends.

This past week, my daughter borrowed my car while on visit from NYC. She experienced the first mechanical issue ever, a faulty cylinder coil. My husband replaced it, and we were off and running, to the New Jersey turnpike. No fear.

I know I will have to replace the SUV some day, maybe soon.

I mentioned that I will laminate Jerry and take him with me.

My family just sighed.


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50 Responses to Dashboard Jerry

  1. I am a HUGE Seinfeld fan too! Jerry has done well for your SUV. 😉

  2. Shrewed Up says:

    You sure they didn’t roll their eye balls and say “yada yada yada” . . . lol!

  3. What a great good luck charm Van. Loved it! ❤

  4. LaVagabonde says:

    I’m probably one of the only people in the Western world who has never seen a Seinfeld episode. I totally don’t know any of those buzz words. But I can understand your attachment to the talisman. I’m surprised it has lasted this long without lamination.

  5. I loved that show too. I rarely watch something twice on TV and I must have seen every episode a dozen times. Definitely laminate Jerry and take him with you to the next car. I had a pink plastic frog for a long time and eventually bestowed it on my daughter.

  6. Yay, I was anticipating this post – love your dashboard Jerry Van! I agree, you must laminate Jerry and bring him to any ‘next’ vehicle. ❤
    Diana xo

  7. mandy smith says:

    Lol! I love Jerry, too!

  8. I’ve seen ’em all, too, but I missed “spongeworthy” … If I were to guess, that’s an Elaine-ism? As related to contraception, perhaps?

    Have you watched any of his more recent stuff where he gets in a car, picks up a comedian pal, and they kibbitz for the duration? I can’t help but think that your car motif is apt!

    • Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Love it. Some of the funniest episodes are expected…Mel Brooks, Chris Rock, Jon Stewart, “Kramer”, etc. But some of the best impromptu interaction is surprising…like Sarah Jessica Parker. Thanks, Maggie. This response is way late…did you ever write a reply and it gets lost in the WP comment maze ?? Van ☺

      • LOL – yeah, not only comments go missing, but entire blogs become unfollowed or fail to appear in my reader or inbox. It’s mystifying. Not to mention anxiety-provoking when I (and you, too, I imagine) try to stay on top of the correspondence. Sheesh.

      • I hear that it’s just a glitch, but I sometimes wonder. Some of the most popular bloggers are being dropped from my reader. Frustrating, for sure. ☺

  9. writerinsoul says:

    And of course “Dashboard Jerry” sounds like an episode they just haven’t made yet. (Fusilli Jerry…)

  10. LadyPinkRose says:

    You make me laugh, Van! Good thing Jerry has been watching out over you and your family in that SUV. Darn but you MUST laminate Jerry! Eye rolls or not! LOL Great post … thank you! Love, Amy

  11. Tiny little acts of eccentricity like this make us the wonderfully unique people we are. I love this story. But, Van, no mention of “The Contest?”

  12. Angie Mc says:

    I love quirky family stuff like this! It’s weird glue that holds us together 😀

  13. Maria says:

    Awesome!! I love him too, never thought I would like him in other things than the show, but he is great at other stuff too 👍🏻 I still watch the show when it’s a rerun on my tv, will never be old ☺️

  14. I was a huge fan of the show and still love Jerry. Kramer was my favorite–so quirky. I once even had an erotic dream about him. Woke up laughing out loud! Go figure.

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