The Madeline Intervention

Madeline exterior

Cathedral of the Madeline SLC, Utah

I had lost my job. It was a small engineering office, and it was closing. My first and only pink slip.

The unemployment rate was quickly approaching 10 %, it was the worst economy of my lifetime.

These were the years when job hunting involved pounding the pavement. There was no internet; letters were going unanswered.

I had been at it for many weeks when I was about to give up. I had parked on a street in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. Dressed in my best interview suit, briefcase in hand, I started walking. And crying.

Cathedral of the MadelineI didn’t want to be here anymore. I was depressed and discouraged. I was a few years newlywed, and ready to bail. I was homesick.

Then I saw it. A Catholic Cathedral. Right in the middle of a Mormon city. The Mormon City.

I walked in, sat down and began to pray. Or maybe it was more like meditation. I felt a sort of peace that I’d not experienced in a very long time.

Years before, I’d given up my religion. But I never lost my faith.

I stayed about an hour, I guess. When I left, I was different. There was hope.

Across the street from the church was a building I’d not noticed until that very moment.


What did I have to lose? I walked in, filled out an application, talked to a receptionist.

Within the next 2 hours, I was interviewed, tested and offered a job. A new beginning.

As I left the building, I looked back across the street. The sun was setting over the front of that glorious cathedral.

I could only smile.

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23 Responses to The Madeline Intervention

  1. C.E.Robinson says:

    Van, a beautiful story ending. I’d like to think there was a divine connection heading you across the street. Christine

  2. Ahh – heavenly intervention – I love it van. ❤
    Diana xo

  3. Angie Mc says:

    The Cathedral of the Madeleine is one of my very favorites! What a wonderful story…fills my ❤ and my soul.

  4. Great story. Something happened there.

  5. writerinsoul says:

    You wrote/told this story so well, Van. Economy and style (harder than it looks!).

  6. George says:

    Great story. I wonder if you went back into the church after you got the church.

  7. LaVagabonde says:

    There is religion, and then there is faith. Gifts like these are precious in so many ways.

    • I challenged all that I knew during the college years. For me, the Catholic church fell by the wayside. I still visited churches of all denominations, but preferred them empty. ☺

  8. LadyPinkRose says:

    There is no denying the power of Divine Intervention. And this was most definitely one of those times. Beautiful story, Van. May your day be filled with Peace. Love, Amy 🌹 💞 🌹

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