May Queen

It is fitting that someone as sweet and spiritual as my youngest sister would be chosen as May Queen, an honor bestowed on a graduating 8th grade Catholic school student.Mary

The annual ceremony over which she would preside began with a processional of the entire student body; girls in veils and white dresses, boys in suit and tie.

She had the honor to place the crown of flowers on the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which had been transferred from the church to the outdoor ceremony. It never seemed to rain.

vintage photo

Vintage Photo

There were hymns and prayers to learn, some in Latin. We carried flowers and rosary beads. Parents looked on with pride and tears; photos were discouraged at an event deemed sacred.

She was a young leader in that community; taller than her peers, but standing out for so many other reasons. She tutored struggling students and helped with Sunday school instruction.

She gave her time, energy and love to the church and the school she so loved for 8 years.

Like most of us, she was to stray from her Catholicism, but remained steadfast in her faith.

Baby Sister

Summer before illness.

Her kind and loving spirit was to survive her many life challenges.

We lost her in 2012 after a twenty year battle with MS, Multiple Sclerosis. Her husband followed her 2 weeks later, leaving 2 adult children, 3 grandchildren, and so many grieving friends and family.

“It seems, the good, they die young”.

I think of her often, especially during this month of May.

Bless you, baby sister, you live on in our hearts and our memory.

Our very own May Queen.

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21 Responses to May Queen

  1. Had to start over with this one. Blogged it, was back-dated 11 hours, tried to reblog, then lost it. Trashed the original and started over. Why, WP, why ??? I’m so confused. Hope you enjoy it anyway. ☺ Van

  2. George says:

    I remember those processions in May, having attended Catholic school myself. God rest her soul.

  3. Special thanks to Julie at LaVagabonde for the heads up on this post. Sorry I lost your thoughtful comment in the process. It had something to do with Politics and Religion…hmmm.. ☺ Van

    • LaVagabonde says:

      No problem, Van. I just saw that you reposted it. Did you write and save a draft for a few hours before you posted it? I no longer do that, because it’s sure to either not show up in the Reader, or it will show up at the time you saved the draft rather than at the time you hit “publish”. People have complained about this bug in the support forum for years. The response is usually to say they don’t see any problem with their own blogs so everything’s ok. I love WP, the editors have been so good to me, but this bug is very frustrating. I just try to do what I can to avoid it as much as possible and accept the fact that it will never be fixed and that I’ll continue to lose true readers because of it.

      To redo my comment – It’s so sad about your sister. She was beautiful. MS is a brutal disease.

      • Thanks for the re-comment, Julie. No, I didn’t save the draft, except in my brain. Luckily, it was still in the a.m. hours, and my brain was still functioning enough to almost repeat it verbatim. Almost. ☺ Van

  4. So sorry about your sister. A sweet tribute to her memory. The sense of loss never goes away, does it?

    • Loss…sigh. It seems I really, really need to get through these few weeks. Grandmother, mother, sister..those memories come flooding back for me at this very celebratory time of year. Emotions on the surface..but I guess I wouldn’t have it any other way. ❤ Van

      • My brother died on July 3rd. The 4th was always his favorite holiday (he liked to blow things up). The holiday has never been the same since. The memories and feelings are healthy, Van. They are part of the experience of love.

      • Thanks, Diana. I’ve just been extra “healthy” of late. It will pass. So sorry for your brother…lol on the “blowing things up”.. ❤ Van

  5. Erika Kind says:

    That’s a very sad experience see the younger sister pass. Also to see her struggles. It is beautiful how you honor her with such loving words, Van!

  6. Angie Mc says:

    Oh Van, I’m heart-broken with you and am sorry for your loss. To this day I love May Crowning. I will think of your sister ❤

  7. hobo hippie says:

    What a lovely post and so sad -ana

  8. lbeth1950 says:

    So sorry for your loss. I have two baby sister who I still dote on. It would be devastating to lose them.

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