Somewhere in Time

mackinac_island_grand_hotel_700x463Opened in 1887, the Grand Hotel of Mackinac Island is one of the most photographed hotels in the world.

It sits on an island in northern Michigan that has turned back time.

There are no motorized vehicles allowed, bicycles and horse-drawn carriages are the only mode of transportation. It might be the cleanest air ever.

I was there for a convention in 1981, not long after the release of the movie “Somewhere in Time”, filmed at the Grand and featuring a time-traveling Christopher Reeve who aims to reconnect with the lovely Jane Seymour. It is a sentimental, romantic drama that transcends space and time.

The hotel had a showing of the movie a few times daily in the very auditorium where Jane’s character performed at the turn of the century.

The lobby, dining hall and auditorium were authentic in their original splendor. Our rooms were showing a bit of wear and tear, older plumbing and exposed pipes with chipped paint in the ceiling, a good deal smaller than the rooms featured in the movie, which had been modified and were open to tourists.

The grounds were magnificent and expansive, with landscaping that was beyond compare.

The food was exceptional, beautifully presented and served with an old school flare.  There was a formal high tea every late afternoon, with entertainment provided by a string quartet.

Elegant and unforgettable.

***This is Day 3 of the 5 Days- 5 Photos challenge.***

Thanks to Colleen at Silver Threading for the nomination.

5 Days – 5 Photos: Foggy Morning in the Field

Van ❤️

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47 Responses to Somewhere in Time

  1. Erika Kind says:

    That sounds great. It must have been a wonderful experience!

  2. roweeee says:

    Wow! That place looks incredible and reminds me of the Great Gatsby. Would seriously love to go there! xx Rowena
    PS Good to see you’re doing the 5 day photo challenge as I now think about what to post tomorrow for day 3.

  3. LaVagabonde says:

    A Northern Michigan landmark. I’ve only seen the outside. I spent most of my time on the island biking and hiking. Sounds like you had a marvelous time there.

    • Like you, I was often a “fudgie” as they called trippers who’d bike, hike, buy fudge and take the ferry out. I had friends in Traverse City where we would spend the night. It was a treat to have a long weekend there. ☺

      • LaVagabonde says:

        I was not really a “fudgie”. We were never allowed to eat that fudge. 😉 My grandparents had a cottage in Indian River, so that’s where we stayed. Way back in the forest. I think I’ve only been to the island twice.

      • It was never my favorite…something better about the Atlantic shore fudge, I think. Back in a forest…interesting ! Always the adventurer ?

  4. Amy says:

    Looks very inviting.

  5. Silver Threading says:

    What a lovely place for you to share, Van. I love it! ❤

    • Thanks, Colleen. I have a lot of shots with friends in the lobby, front porch (said to be the biggest in the world) and on those horse-drawn carriages. I was always the photographer for our group. ☺

      • Silver Threading says:

        Sounds like a lovely spot to visit. I love that it exists in the past. Great pictures too! 😉

  6. “Somewhere in Time” is one of my favourite movies, Van. Now, thanks to you, I know where it was filmed. Such a beautiful setting, and that air must smell oh so clean.

  7. The hotels of yesteryear were definitely “grand.” The whole mystique is intriguing. It sounds like a fun place to visit.

    • To me, there was only 1 flaw, and it was major at the time. This was early 80’s and they still had a policy to only hire wait staff from Jamaica, Haiti, etc..they were looking for dark skin, trying to recreate the Plantation scenario. I believe they changed this at some point. I know it bothered me.

  8. Nurse Kelly says:

    My daughter fell in love with the movie, “Somewhere In Time” when she was younger. She dreamed about staying at The Grand Hotel. Last summer, I surprised her with a stay there as part of her high school graduation present. Tears for both of us is all I can say. We rode up to the hotel in one of the horse drawn carriages, and spent the weekend there. It was magical for the two of us. Was so excited to see this post, because it seems like it was yesterday – and now here she is, finished with her first year of college 🙂

  9. George says:

    Always thought abot goi get here but never made it though it does look beautiful. Maybe one day.

  10. It is unforgettable. We honeymooned there!

  11. dyane says:

    You had me at the title! 😉 You know why…..a wonderful post!!!!!
    Wish I was there!

  12. megdekorne says:

    Dear deer Van …I’ve missed these last postings ( I haven’t been getting notifications from WordPress ) …I’m so glad I went looking for you as I missed you . Next month my love and I are going to Mackinaw Island and north to a music festival in the upper peninsula … and to know of your connection now will bring further delight …your writing is always so beautiful ! Hugs and always love , megxxx

  13. writerinsoul says:

    Van, I love this post!! How COOL you stayed there. I adore this film and still have an original newspaper ad, well-yellowed. Although there’s an extra layer of sadness to watching it now, looking at gorgeous, young Chris Reeve. Bittersweet.

    Just for fun I looked up their rates. Oh my!!!! Ca-ching!!

    • I loved him in this so much more than as Superman ! And yikes…the rates. We had convention rates and split the room with 4-6 women in each. They allowed this..there were 800 of us that invaded that small, historic town. ☺

      • writerinsoul says:

        Now you’d need to pack 15-20 in a room!!

        The near-the-end scene in Somewhere in Time is still one of the best portrayals of raw grief I’ve ever seen in a movie. He blew me away. Did you ever see Deathtrap? It watches/feels like a play (some people don’t like that) but I really liked it.

      • Not familiar with Deathtrap. Will have to google.☺ He will always be known for Superman, but I think he had a lot more depth than that.

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