3 Day Quote Challenge Day 2

Thanks again to Judy at Edwina’s Episodes for the interesting challenge. Episode 368: 3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 3.  Apologies for listing her as Edwina yesterday, I just realized that she uses her middle name for her blog, her first name is indeed Judy. ☺

For Day 2, I wanted to choose at least 20 quotes from Shakespeare. This is the one that speaks to me all the time. From King Lear.


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18 Responses to 3 Day Quote Challenge Day 2

  1. George says:

    Love that quote. Thank you.

  2. If only more people lived by that maxim.

  3. This makes me think of Donald Trump. (Sorry, couldn’t resist).

  4. That is a very wise quote indeed. By the way, it doesn’t matter about calling me Edwina. There are a few people that do 🙂

  5. markbialczak says:

    I always find you deep, Van. 🙂 Thank you for Billy’s wisdom.

  6. Erika Kind says:

    That’s a very smart one!

  7. Amy says:


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