Guest Post – New Beginnings

Trying to link to a guest post I did for Momma’s View, hoping this will work. Sorry I didn’t do it sooner. Thanks again, Momma !!

A Momma's View

A beautiful guest post from my friend Vanbytheriver. I was told that it was sort of inspired by my ‘Inside Out’ post, which makes me even happier. I can totally relate to how it feels moving with children. Although I have to say somehow our son made it easy on us back in the days. He must have felt really positively excited about moving to a country on the other side of the world. But of course as a parent you always worry. You worry about how it’s going to be, how well everyone will settle and if anybody will feel homesick. A move, no matter if it’s to a different country or a different state or “just” to a different town, city or even house, is always unsettling and an adventure. For everyone. It’s not only a goodbye but also a chance for a new beginning. So thanks…

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