Breaking and Entering

Unspeakable horror.

The blood-red footprints led all the way to the woods behind.

morning forest

Photo Courtesy. WWF.

They will blame us. They will say we invited them.

We even fed them.

Guilty as charged.

It was just a sweet little family starting out. Now, they have set up a 4 room Bed and Breakfast under our deck.

Bits of bright red tomatoes, parsley, sage and rosemary (there was never thyme) strewn about in their wake.

“Plant marigolds”, they said. “It will keep the rabbit population at bay.”

Silly humans, tricks are for kids.

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19 Responses to Breaking and Entering

  1. LaVagabonde says:

    Oh no. Did a predator kill your wild bunnies?

  2. Oh dear. But was it worth it? They’re so cute and fluffy. 😀

  3. Amy says:

    Those darn bunnies. They do love the garden. It is a good thing they are so cute.

  4. Love it! Bunnies are much smarter than you would think a mere rodent could be.

  5. George says:

    Lol….that’s very good.

  6. writerinsoul says:

    They know it’s so hard for us to be mean to them: “I’m just a harmless little bunny, twitching and quivering, I didn’t mean nuthin’ by it. Look at my big brown eyes.”

  7. markbialczak says:

    Ellie B is going nuts chasing bunnies out of our back garden this summer, Van. Must be a big year for them all over the east. Sorry they got you so hard!

  8. Fluffiness and cuteness abounds!

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