Looking back… and forwards….

Nick’s story of tragedy and triumph, and its beautiful telling by Sue, always brings a tear. “Twice now in my life I have watched my son take his first breath”. A very special post. Van

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

In October 2009, three months after the attack on my son, I wrote:

“The ripples from this have spread very wide. Friends, even miles away, have been through the journey with us, suffering the horror, shock, hope and disbelief. Values have been questioned, lives reassessed. In many ways this has been a devastating event. My youngest son has been very hard hit, family and relationships have been put under strain. Even the financial problems caused by lost time at work and excessive amounts of petrol are a major concern. Not so much for the money itself, but the constant, daily struggle and sacrifices, minor and major, we have all had to make to keep us going.

And yet.. there has been so much good come from this also. the reassessment of all our lives has been positive, cutting loose much of the baggage we have clung to through habit…

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3 Responses to Looking back… and forwards….

  1. Sue Vincent says:

    Thank you for sharing,this, Van x

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