Saturday Stairway


John Paul Jones, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page

It is so rare when a cover of a classic song lives up to the original. As a long time Zeppelin fan, I was pretty sure I’d never want to hear Stairway to Heaven done by anyone else.

In December of 2012, I changed my mind.

When Ann and Nancy Wilson of the group Heart took the stage to perform Stairway at the annual Kennedy Center Honors, they were joined by Jason Bonham, son of the departed John, original drummer of Led Zeppelin.


Jason and John Bonham

Accompanied by a glorious full orchestra, and a choir who were donned in the same signature bowler hat worn by his father, Jason looked to the heavens as he took to the drum set.

There were tears as the 3 remaining Zeppelin members watched this masterful performance of their power ballad from an honored balcony position.

Show Stopper.

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13 Responses to Saturday Stairway

  1. I grew up on Zeppelin, Van. Now that was quintessential classic rock. Brings back the memories. I hadn’t heard the Kennedy Center performance. A moving clip – thanks for sharing it!

  2. Nurse Kelly says:

    I’ve seen this video somewhere – it is really good. Love both bands, how could you not? 🙂

  3. George says:

    I remember seeing this love and thinking one thing…WOW. Amazing song and cover. She is one of e few people who have the chops to pull that song off. It does bring tears to your eyes.

  4. I’ve seen this before as well Van, it is amazing, thanks for sharing it! ❤
    Diana xo

  5. megdekorne says:

    One of my very favorite YouTube videos ….thankyou beautiful Van for your soulful tribute , beautifully written and shared , love , megxxx

    • They were the signature group of my college years, and songs that I shared with my boyfriend/ now husband. A rock bond ! Thanks for reading all my stuff today, Meg, I’m honored. Hugs to you. 💕

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