Families are messy. There is no getting around it. None of us live in a museum, and that’s a good thing.

When I was searching for pictures to go with this piece, I realized my own family was a lot less messy than I thought. Treadmill

My daughter had a lot of clothes, art work, books, computers; my son had abundant electronics, video games, guitars, amplifiers.

But, we could see their floor, they still used bedding, their rooms smelled like their soaps and colognes; busy, but nice.

They both had friends, and abundant sleepovers. I was proud to be the Kool Aid mom of the neighborhood.

We had the whole family here for a long weekend, with all their tablets and smart phones, their favorite foods, movies, games, jokes and stories. It was really sweet.

When they all left, it was once again clean, quiet, and a bit boring.


Courtesy. Magnificent Magnets

I’m proud of the adults they have become. I miss the crazy, active, wonderful and messy children that they were.

Note to young parents….Enjoy the mess. It doesn’t last forever, and you will miss it.

One day, you will clean up, and it will stay that way.

And you will cherish the moments when they return with the clutter of their busy lives.

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34 Responses to Messy

  1. Jim says:

    yeh, I like the mess my grands make whenever they are at my house.

  2. Erika Kind says:

    I hear you. The floor in the “public” room is visble again for many years, but the ones in the bedrooms are pretty well covered… lol… teenagers!

  3. Maria says:

    in my house floors are always messy during the day, but i cant stand it in the living room, so they always have to tidy up before bedtime.. their bedrooms though.. i am amazed of how much clutter a room can take 😛 but we have sleepovers and things are clean, despite being untidy 🙂

  4. This post makes me wonder about the real estate marketing scheme of staging a home – spare furnishing, absolutely bare surfaces, nothing out of place. I ask you, do you know ANYONE who lives like that? I sure as heck do not!

    • I guess the idea is that a buyer can visualize their own “stuff” on those bare surfaces ?? They also want you to remove all photos, all evidence of humans, apparently. ☺

  5. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    My daughter’s room makes my teeth itch, but I am learning to not let it stress me out as much. For me, when it comes to “stuff” in the house – less is more.

    • Ah…Vic’s itchy teeth. ☺ I think there must be a middle family threw stuff out…even stuff with memories attached, just to clear space. My husband’s family are borderline hoarders…saving everything. We have issues with this at times. ☺

      • Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

        We try to do this at specific times (like right before Christmas). We have the kids go through all their stuff and donate what they don’t need or use. Hopefully gives them a sense of perspective and appreciation.

      • It’s a great plan, and opens them up to a life of philanthropy…nice work, Dad. ☺

  6. Even though I’m down to just one teenager in the house, I’m still awash with trails of stuff where he’s been……it’s less than when he was a small one even so…..I know what you’re saying……it’ll be so strange when things actually stay in place and there are no more trails…..

  7. Amy says:

    Oh how I love this post and it so reminds me of our home when the girls were growing up. You probably won’t see posts like this on Pinterest — thank goodness for reminders like yours to strive for the love in a home and not the perfect image.

  8. George says:

    Love the quote and the post. You’re absolutely right , Van, the mess is part of our lives. Enjoy it while it’s still there.

    • Sometimes, it seems that the most creative children have the messiest environment…I always just closed the door and looked the other way. It wasn’t easy, it took some rethinking on my part. Thanks, George.

  9. Angie Mc says:

    You know I’m with you, sista. When Henry was here pulling my pantry part, I absolutely swooooooned ~~~~~

    • So sweet. My friends watched in horror as my toddler emptied all my pots, pans and tupperware onto the kitchen floor. I just smiled. Will remind her when the grands arrive. ☺ Thanks, Angie

      • Angie Mc says:

        Watching little ones go about their work is awesome. Henry was so methodical and focused on moving the pantry items. Fascinating! Especially now that I don’t have to clean it up every day😉

  10. My house is always clean but rarely spic and span tidy. I have four kids – either my sanity or my standards had to give. My standard is that I have to maintain it to a degree that I would not be embarrassed if an unexpected guest or visitor turned up and wandered through my home. That’s it.

    I grew up in a small, very overcrowded but pristine home. My mother was a cleaning, tidying dervish. But she rarely played with us. I choose to do stuff with my kids while they are still wee enough to want me around. I will have plenty time for a tidier house when they leave home. And some day I might even walk across a bedroom floor and miss the sensation of Lego bricks digging into my feet. Maybe not.

    • Funny thing about Legos…my husband and I had our own set !! My folks raised 6…their strategy was to get the older siblings to do the cleaning…it worked ! Thanks, Laura ☺

  11. I so miss the mess…. sometimes. Other times I look around when the house is neat and think, Ahhh…

  12. I was such a messy kid! My mom complains whenever I visit that I’m so messy, but I secretly suspect she likes it! (At least that’s what I keep telling myself!)

  13. This is such a loving post. It made me smile.

  14. grandmalin says:

    Clean, quiet, and……..boring. Yes, I’ve got that too now that everyone has gone home. Funny the things you miss.

  15. markbialczak says:

    Congratulations for the orderly adults you raised, my friend. That’s a comfort, Van.

  16. nimi naren says:

    This is so beautiful….loved it

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