Unplugged. Day 5 .

Watching the sun rise over the Atlantic from the vantage point of wooden rocking chairs, I was struck by how much folks were missing.

As they rushed down at 5:50 a.m. clad in pajamas and swimwear, making their way to the best camera angles, setting up tripods in uneven sand, adjusting shutter speed and apertures, primping for the best selfie; they were surely missing the Experience, capital “E”.

Did they notice the cloud formation on the horizon that made it look like you were seeing a small mountain range in the middle of the ocean ?

Did they see the gathering of seagulls in a particular spot that indicated a cluster of fish remnants left by the feeding of a large marine animal ? ( I didn’t say it…shark).

Did they see the pattern of light reflected on the ocean surface?

Did they notice the brown pelicans that had been swept north by the turbulent winds of a fading tropical storm Erika ?

Did they really smell the salt air, or feel the ocean mist ?


Oil Painting. Randy Hulshizer.

Most of all, did they realize that you cannot capture the grandeur of the stream of color in the sky that only nature can provide ?

Maybe you need an artist’s palate to do it justice; very much like the piece called “Peaceful Sunrise” shown here .

The actual sunrise took less than 5 minutes to break the horizon.

I wonder how many even looked away from their smart phones for a brief minute to just take in the wonder and beauty that we all take for granted ?

My husband and I did.

We held hands, sipped coffee, and rocked those aging wooden chairs.

And it was glorious.

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65 Responses to Sunrise

  1. thataceso says:

    That’s amazing, love your blog! xx Do check out my blog -

  2. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    Your post evokes some beautiful imagery!

  3. Nurse Kelly says:

    Oh Van – this was exquisite. On my last vacation, I got up to catch the sunrise every morning. All that surrounds it really are things to behold. Thanks for the gentle reminder to notice – more. xoxo

  4. Erika Kind says:

    Thank you for the mention… lol

  5. C.E.Robinson says:

    Van, lovely, peaceful sunrise. Can see you & hubby holding hands enjoying it! Now about those selfies! Beautiful background scenery ignored and blocked by overblown, smug, smiling faces! Geez….Chryssa

    • Oh, there was one young lady, fussing for 10 minutes before the sunrise with her hair and makeup, positioning the sun behind her…it was almost comical to watch. She might just have missed the moment, Chryssa. Thanks. 💑

  6. I love this peaceful setting and your words, Van. Just glorious! ❤

  7. Gotta love those moments of pure presence and peace with the world. Great post, Van.

  8. Sounds beautiful Van. glad you and hubby actually enjoyed the experience 🙂

  9. amommasview says:

    Beautiful! And you are so right… Look up and watch the real thing!

  10. Amy says:

    I feel like I got to live vicariously through your description. It is funny how with time we can get to a point where we value the lived experience more than the images we present to everyone else. Great reminder!

  11. LaVagabonde says:

    Experiencing the present is a dying art. But one you have perfected. I’ve been away from all internet/phone/electronic stimuli for 2 weeks.(I have used the camera, however) So strange to be connected again.

  12. Nancy says:

    Oh so well said! Sounds like you two got the most out of the moment.

  13. This post was so lovely. I love my camera but must admit sometimes I’m so set on capturing the moment so I can preserve it for later that I actually miss experiencing it now. Guilty. But working on it. Enjoy the long weekend.

  14. I love the ocean, and the way you painted the scene with your words conjured up such a nice image of serenity.

  15. Ann Koplow says:

    Thank you for this glorious post.

  16. lbeth1950 says:

    Aren’t these moments wonderful!

  17. viladev says:

    What a beautiful scenery! Look so peaceful

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  19. Deep and beautiful in a simple yet complex way. The best kind. Here’s a surprise for you:

  20. Thanks, again. I’ll share it shortly. Very kind words, Izzy, glad you liked this one. I appreciate you. 💕

  21. markbialczak says:

    Good for you two, Van. Very good.

  22. Randy Hulshizer says:

    Hi there. Thanks for picking up my little painting “Peaceful Sunrise.” I think your words really reflect my feelings as I painted it. In fact, I wrote a short story that accompanies my painting somewhat. If you are interested in reading it, please let me know and I’ll send you a draft copy. Kindest regards, Randy.

    • I’m so surprised that you took notice, Randy, and am honored to include your painting as a perfect illustration of how a photo just cannot capture the beauty. Of course…seeing it in person…incomparable. ❤️

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