Beyonce and Bocelli

Like many, I’ve been preoccupied this weekend with the comings and goings of Pope Francis; not because I’m a practicing Catholic, but because I’m fascinated with the media response.

Living in suburban Philadelphia, I used to count myself among those 1.2 million Catholics.

I lost my faith in the Church, capital C, many decades ago. But I found myself oddly and often tearfully drawn to the words of this successor to St. Peter.


“Put a ring on it.”

While scrolling my way around the coverage on the local and national news, I came upon the Global Citizens concert event that was being held in Central Park, New York City, which had just hosted the Pope days before.

It was being covered by MSNBC, the only national news network to bypass the Pope on Saturday evening.

There she was, in all her glory, shaking her world-renowned booty to the tune of “Single Ladies”…Beyoncé.


Bocelli and Pope Francis.

I appreciate her popularity, and I’ve always liked the catchy tune, but it made me pause and reflect on what a diverse culture we have here in the U.S.

And then I turned back.

I saw the amazing Andrea Bocelli sing an operatic version of The Lord’s Prayer at the close of the Meeting of World Families.

He was on a grand stage at the base of the Philadelphia Art Museum, not far from the famous Rocky statue.

God bless America.

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32 Responses to Beyonce and Bocelli

  1. gh0stpupp3t says:

    I’m Jewish but I like to ppl watch. 🙂

  2. I’m not Catholic, but I like this pope. I like John Paul too. ❤
    Diana xo

    • Growing up, we had a portrait of Pope John 23rd on the living room wall…right next to JFK. I was pretty young, but I understood that these 2 were very important to Catholic families.Thanks, Diana.

  3. I’m not religious but am spiritual. I don’t watch television, so haven’t seen any of the coverage, but sounds interesting.

    • The whole area lost their mind over this event in the planning…it was dedicated to live coverage for about 20 of 24 hours. I got caught up in the contrast to what normally passes as news here. ☺

  4. I’ve enjoyed watching this pope and the reaction that people have to his words and actions. I find him such a breath of fresh air. Yes, Van, we are so diverse and hopefully growing more accepting and respectful of our differences. The pope sets a good example compared to many religious leaders.

  5. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    I have to admit, I have had zero interest in all this. Probably a lot of it is due to the fact that I am spiritual but not even remotely “religious.” Hell with all that is going on, probably honest to say I am leaning more towards being an atheist every day.

  6. amommasview says:

    I love people watching 🙂 Must have been fun. I’ve nominated you for the following award:

  7. I love to people watch too 🙂

  8. I was raised Catholic but like you I’ve strayed. I only go to church now if I’m with relatives who are going. I’m in a questioning stage. But yes, while he was here in NYC, I watched much of the Pope’s visit.

  9. George says:

    He is a very interesting man who raises lots of different emotions in people. But so did his predecessor many years ago..:)

    • Thanks, George. I think he shined the brightest around those who struggle the most..the homeless, the prisoners and their victims, the school in Harlem, immigrant families. He was “schooling” the U.N. and Congress..very different. ☺

  10. betunada says:

    on (what seams to me rare) occasion, i think there is something to be optimistic about. You’ve addressed this well. thanx

  11. It’s been an amazing year for those of us who have always believed in human rights, regulated capitalism, constitutional government and the importance of caring for all of our children….It’s vindicating and refreshing, The pope has reiterated principles that were bullied into silence by our profit driven corporate media.

  12. markbialczak says:

    Thank goodness we have all of it, Van. Indeed. And the Pope was both astute and gracious in noting and commenting about your many and varied ways on this visit.

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