The Holiday Auction

I wish I still had the photo.

I took part in a charity holiday auction years ago.

My entry… a Christmas cookie recipe book. It included a photo with a graphic that identified each cookie on the ornate tray.

I made 26 varieties of cookies that year.

They were rolled dough cut outs, Spritz pressed, drop cookies, pinwheels, cheesecake bars, shortbread and sand tarts.

There were also traditional treats; Polish Chrusciki (Angel Wings), Norwegian Linzer Sandwiches, Jewish Rugelach, Hungarian Lekvar Crescents, Italian waffle cookies ( Pizzelles.)

Baking was a passion, and I had gathered recipes from so many sources that I wanted to share.



My family and friends got the benefit of eating all those cookies.

The recipe collection fetched $35. at auction.

The only access I had to a computer in the late 1970’s was in my husband’s office.  He processed the photos and text for me.

But he only made 1 copy, the one that was auctioned.

When his computer system was upgraded shortly thereafter, my cookbook was lost in the shuffle.

Too bad.

I should have bid on my own work.

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31 Responses to The Holiday Auction

  1. The V-Pub says:

    It’s too bad that the recipes were lost, Van. That’s a shame!

    • I still have most of the recipes, Rob, it’s only the photos and cookbook that I lost. Some of the recipes were handed down in my family, on index cards and greased-stained papers. 💝

  2. Your last line reminded me of something my mother always said whenever we talked about running for a class office in school. I told her I thought it was wrong to vote for myself and she said, “If you won’t vote for yourself why should anyone else vote for you?”

  3. Those darn computers (makes we want to back up my work right now!). What a fantastic treat – a tray of 26 types of cookies! My husband would be in heaven. 😀

  4. Wow 26 different cookies, I bet they looked amazing, and tasted wonderful! It is a shame you lost the cookbook on the computer; they have aa lot to answer for sometimes!

  5. Van, looking at all those cookies tempted my sweet tooth, and I had it on a diet too.

  6. Oh no! I think this means you should recreate the recipe book.

  7. Wow 26 different kinds? Oh wow I wish I could see that book! How much fun was that?

  8. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:


  9. My mouth is watering…

  10. George says:

    I’m still trying to get my head around you making 26 different kinds of cookies. You the Bomb!!!..:)

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