The Tire Swing

rope swing wiki how

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My daughter and her husband are buying their first home this week.

She made sure to tell me that it has a rope swing with a tire in the back yard.

It was an important selling point.

As always.

It triggered a sweet memory.

We were planning a move to Pennsylvania in the 1990’s.

I found a place that was convenient to work for my husband, halfway between the 2 offices that he would frequent.

tree house

The tree house by the river.

We saw it in person on a very warm summer day. The property was almost 200 years old, and much too large for our needs.

It was only up for lease for 1 year, and since our stay here was not deemed permanent, it worked for us.

My kids only needed to see the backyard to be convinced.

It was a lovely shaded lot, along a river, and it had both a treehouse and tire swing in two ancient oak trees.

Rear view

Replaced by a bench swing after we left.

I’m not sure they even came inside with us at first, we had to call them to check out the interior.

According to them, the inside didn’t matter.

I’m sure it does now, but she still managed to find a home with a tire swing.

Some things never change.


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48 Responses to The Tire Swing

  1. Timeless. I love how the simplicity and structure complement the topic. Perfect.

  2. Erika Kind says:

    That must have been a dream home – for the kids but also for the adults with so much beautiful space around the house.

  3. I love it when our kids remember the things we taught them that truly matter the most!

    • They had just come from a Mark Twain- like adventure for 4 years in South. They learned to appreciate nature. Thanks, Debby. 🌳 🌴 🌱 🍁 🌹 🌷

  4. George says:

    I’m always fascinated by the the things that children feel is most important to their lives. Simplicity, as we view it, is usually the selling point.
    I love this pictures that bring me to another time. Like this..:)

  5. Sweet memories and amazing how they can impact our decision-making in the present Van. ❤
    Diana xo

  6. Ann Koplow says:

    Some things never change: I’m always glad when I visit here, Van. ❤

  7. SMILING!!!! There certainly are some things that do not change, thank goodness!! Kids will be kids! Growing up as I did, my mother had quite the time dragging us inside regardless of the weather. IMO kids these days don’t go outside enough so it is so heartwarming to know there are still kids around wanting to be outside!!! ❤

  8. Lovely writing and memories Van! 🙂

  9. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    I never had a tire swing growing up. Great…now I feel my childhood is now incomplete!! 😉 Just Kidding!! Great post!

  10. I would buy a house just because of a treehouse, river, and tire swing. Even now! And I’d be out there swinging. Congrats to your daughter and son-in-law. How exciting. I wish them years of joy in their home.

  11. joey says:

    That’s sweet! How exciting for her (them!)
    We had a tire swing for a few years, too. I tried to convince The Mister to add one here, but he has not. Maybe he will for his grandsons…
    He did, however, build Moo a ‘ladder’ to better climb the big maple out front, so that’s somethin 🙂 I’d love to live on a river, but I think I’d need to put Moo in a lifejacket every time she went outside, lol! Maybe a creek would be better 😉

  12. The V-Pub says:

    “It was a lovely shaded lot, along a river, and it had both a treehouse and tire swing in two ancient oak trees.” – This is the stuff of dreams for kids. I’m not surprised that sweet memory lingers today!

  13. Nurse Kelly says:

    Thanks for sharing such a lovely, heartwarming story. Congrats to your daughter! Hope you will make good use of that swing, yourself someday!

  14. JunkChuck says:

    A house with a tire swing AND a river–as they say in my part of Pennsylvania, “git aht!” Not sure where in PA you were, but your kids were lucky! And now your grandkids get a tire swing, too. Sheesh. We used to go to a campground near Yellow Creek State Park that had a tire swing–I liked the swinging, but the best part was twisting the rope around and around and around and then letting go and spinning in the other direction. I’d have killed for one of those at home.

  15. A sweet post that triggered some memories in me! When I was about 9 or 10 years old, my mother bought some property not too far from where we lived in PA. She wanted to build a house on it for her and I (my older sister had gone off to college.) All I remember is that it was a beautiful several acre lot with tons of trees and a stream running through it. I couldn’t wait to live there! Sadly, she passed away before she could start building. But I remember the magic of the possibilites to my 9 year old mind! Thanks for a lovely post!

  16. yellowwolf80 says:

    Sounds amazing and awesome how things come full circle!

  17. Outlier Babe says:

    Aw…so glad about that swing. We were lucky as kids that we had woods where we could build any forts or treehouses we wanted. My own boys grew up in L.A., so I drove them all the heck over the place to get them to green(-ish) places where they thought they were in the woods–those dry places filled with tall sticks that pass for woods out here.

    • Laughing at your eye roll. ☺ I remember reading a piece of yours about the effort to find the “green” for your boys. Thanks for your thoughtful comments, and for staying up past your bedtime to read my stuff. I’m flattered by the attention, OB. ❤️ And I’ll brew a strong pot of coffee in your honor this a.m. ☺ Van

  18. amommasview says:

    Perfect home for kids 🙂

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