Check Out

Is it just me….or is this one of the worst coupons ever ?

It came today in one of those Valpak envelopes, along with discounts for restaurants, auto inspections, basement waterproofing, pizza deliveries, printer ink, eye exams and carpet cleaning.Cremation

There is just something so wrong about using a coupon code at Checkout.

I’d like to think that the ad creator had a sense of humor.


It also listed a toll free number. 1-8##-Last-Wish.

Offer expires soon.



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84 Responses to Check Out

  1. Jim says:

    woo hoo! what a deal. hope you don’t need it anytime soon tho.

  2. I wonder if there’s some significance to the EXPO coupon code? What is the price after 1/31/16? How much is an incomplete cremation? Inquiring minds want to know….

  3. C.E.Robinson says:

    Unbelievable, Van! Worst ever coupon! Wondered about that word complete, too! 🤔😳

  4. Norah says:

    It is best to plan ahead. I love the phone number. A sense o f humour indeed!

  5. How is that a bargain price cremation? Isn’t that standard price? My thrifty nature means that is what I zoomed in on before contemplating receiving funeral planning coupons along with deals on doughnuts and discounted tree surgery.

    • We went through this when we lost my sister a few years back. I knew the funeral director, thought we were getting a decent deal for her children, (who also lost their father 2 weeks later). We had her sympathy, but it was expensive. There is a laundry list of fees and services, and then…the container. ugh.

      • Goodness, those poor kids to lose both parents in quick succession. That must have been hard on you all.

        It’s a financial strain just at a juncture when one is at huge emotional strain. I’m not suggesting that the motive is to pick the pockets of the vulnerable but certainly there’s not as much diversity in the range of services offered and the accompanying price ranges as there could be. My experience in the UK is that a cremation will cost about £650-700 on average, cheaper obviously if one is able to cut down on some of the frills. Since that would be about $1000, it struck me that this coupon is no deal at all.

      • It was really hard, but so was their life. My sister had MS for 20 years, her husband, liver damage. Their young adult children handled it all with dignity. The cost was well into the thousands for both cremations.

      • That’s very tragic for all concerned.

      • It was. Thanks, Laura.

  6. Hmmm. Well. Erm. It certainly is worth a free chuckle!!! Ha ha ha ha.

  7. as opposed to an incomplete cremation Van…? ❤
    Diana xo

  8. George says:

    I wonder if they’re rated on Angie’s List. I guess they figure what better place to advertise than a packet that includes coupons for food places that will clog your arteries and contractors that will raise your blood pressure and create stress in your life. Hence, your need for a proper burial.
    I just think the coupon promo code should be something other than Expo. What does that mean? Personally, I like ASHES is more appropriate.😀

  9. For an xtra five bucks you can get the Total Cremation. I guess that by the time you buy this someone will have to enter the promo code for you…

  10. Wow. That is a tough one…..I do have to agree…worst one ever.

  11. Sue Vincent says:

    Both hilarious and deeply wrong… I do hope it was deliberate humour….!

  12. This is just the sort of ad that burns me up.

  13. LaVagabonde says:

    Inadvertant humor. So bad it’s good.

  14. Judy Martin says:

    Oh that is horrid! What a warped sense of humour!

  15. TanGental says:

    Crazy. At least it wasn’t while you wait…

  16. megdekorne says:

    Yikes AND ouch ! …..

  17. joey says:

    At checkout? At checkout? O_o
    I’m frightened by the idea of an incomplete cremation.
    Editing. Editing is so crucial. Where is the editor?!?

  18. Val Boyko says:

    LOL – Expiration dates and check outs! Shame they weren’t able to get the promo code EXPIRE…
    It really peeked my curiosity though! If it was in my area I would give them a call to see if they were real.

  19. Nurse Kelly says:

    I’m with Sue above – it’s hilarious but just wrong! Expo? Are we going to the fair?! Never really thought about saving money on my method of burial until now – thanks, Van! lol

  20. lbeth1950 says:

    This is so tempting. Get it while the price is right!

  21. Shrewed Up says:

    The promo code: “EXPO” is too funny!

  22. I’ve never seen a coupon for this! I have to say I’m known as the ashkeeper in the family. At one point, I had my father, step-father, mother, grandmother, and grandfather’s ashes. Ended up spreading my father and his parents at the Voice of America park in Cincinnati because my grandfather was the starting engineer for VOA. Before my mother passed, she took my step-father’s ashes (her 2nd husband) and had him buried. Took my mother’s ashes and spread them on her favorite sister’s grave. 🙂

    • Ashkeeper ? Wow…not sure how you got that task, but nice to see how you dealt with it. A friend of mine had her father’s ashes dropped into the Chesapeake Bay…he was an avid sailor. I really like that idea. Thanks for sharing. 💖

  23. roweeee says:

    If it was around April, I’d be thinking it was some kind of April Fool’s Day joke.
    I don’t know whether you’ve seen Australia’s comedy duo Hamish & Andy over there, but I think they’d be just the sorts to investigate this. Here’s a link to their night our near Oprah:
    Warning. I don;t have sound on my laptop and these two could potentially offend.
    With that sunset image, it looks to me like they’re advertising a cruise. It could well be that they had some left over brochures from an expo and didn’t want to throw them out.

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