We spent a lot of time with the color white this past weekend. Neighbors set up tripods, taking smiling family photos with shovels and snow piles.

Sounded like a good idea.

But after the exhausting effort that is required with moving almost 3 feet of snow that came in one day, I won’t share the photos I took.

The second floor windows are covered with drifted roof snow, obstructing our view of the glistening under a full moon.

I couldn’t really capture that anyway.

The 8 foot piles created by the snowplows at every intersection…not photo-worthy.

The stretch of untouched snow on our corner lot sidewalk that even the most aggressive snow blower could not tackle…will not be shown here.

The local roadside park that would have been so lovely to contrast with  “before and after” blizzard shots…left for another day.


Photo Courtesy. Middleton Place. Charleston, SC

Today, I want to show a winter flower.

This is the white camellia. We had about 30 bushes of them in our yard in the South. They come in a variety of colors; pinks, reds, and glorious white.

It was a delight for we who transplanted from points north to discover this beautiful rose-like beauty that blooms all winter long.

This morning, I truly miss them.




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60 Responses to White

  1. Erika Kind says:

    Hope that heavy snowing is over now but I am glad you are basically fine! The flower is gorgegous! Simply gorgeous! I wonder if they grow over here too!

  2. The V-Pub says:

    We were spared the nor’easter here in Northern Massachusetts, Van. We got about 8 feet in 6 weeks last year, and I’m all done with any winter wonderland. The camellia is stunning, and makes me yearn for spring. Thanks for sharing!

    • My pleasure, Rob. We seemed to be in the path this time. Broke records for one-day snow totals…last was in the 1800’s. We’ve had blizzards here in PA., but they usually are spread out over a few days.

  3. LaVagabonde says:

    You’re not a winter person at all, are you. 😉

  4. I am glad you are well! Wow winter wonder land! Take it easy and stay warm!

  5. That’s was really a whole lot of snow out there and a whole lot of work too. Keep bundled and let’s hope that’s the worst is over.

  6. joey says:

    Glad you still have power and all that. I love being snowed in, and playing in it, but I don’t like the power outages, water issues…that’s serious stuff. I can see why you’d think of camellias today!

    • The photo came from a friend of mine who is still there in So. Carolina…it made me sigh a bit. 🌹

      But…that being said, I like the cold, and I wouldn’t go back. Thanks, Joey. ☺

  7. Beautiful flower, Van. I miss having lots of snow – I suppose you don’t want to hear that right now 😀 Stay warm and safe – the days are getting longer.

  8. Nurse Kelly says:

    Lovely post and photo, Van. Nice to think of warm memories to get us through the cold. 🙂

  9. I remember Middleton Place…I think what I loved the most about Charleston was the scent of roses and wisteria in Spring and Summer. Thirty camellia bushes must have been something to see.

    • The previous owners did the amazing landscaping…we got the benefit. I couldn’t even identify many of the flowers when we arrived there. It was a special yard. The bees and creatures (lizards, rodents, etc.) loved it as well. My kids thought we’d moved to Wild Kingdom. ☺ Thanks, Robert

  10. Val Boyko says:

    I have fond memories of camellias too! They were always a treat in warmer clims. ☺️

  11. They are winter beauties, for sure! I’m a southern girl, probably always will be!

  12. George says:

    A photo of better times..:) much appreciated..:)

    • I’ve seen so many pics of folks buried, digging out of the snow. Wanted to share some other form of “white”. Most welcome, George. Did you get hit hard ? any flooding ?

      • George says:

        I’m in north Jersey so no flooding. They called for 4-6 inches here and we ended up getting almost 30. I’m not sure how you get it that wrong but I know I’d like their job..:)

      • Same here, forecast first for 6-12, then up to 12-18, we had 31.5 inches. The plows are not keeping up, and now, with 14 degrees overnight, and freezing rain in the forecast…a real mess.

  13. TanGental says:

    My mum loved her camellias. She even broke all the rules and transplanted one. I think dad had to dig up the county around it just to make sure the roots weren’t disturbed. Nearly killed him, or him her, I can’t now remember which. It was deep pink but she had whites and reds too. They thrive over here. In the UK. That’s a lovely picture though because we have so little snow I’d have taken some of the shots out if the Windows! Snow always seems romantic when you’re not covered in it!

    • You’re the first to mention that they thrive in the UK, thanks for that, Geoff.

      And the snow is lovely. At first. After the 4th day of being shut-ins, it is anything but lovely now. We are due for freezing rain today…will form a nice crust on those snow pile mountains. ☺

      • TanGental says:

        They’re part of the tea family, aren’t they? When we were in Sri Lanka up in the mountains where the best tea grows in the moist warm air it was like summer here. If they avoid a hard frost until they are established they are fine. We have one that has grown to 20 foot and is a beautiful soft pink.

      • The tea connection makes sense. The town we lived in was built around a tea plantation…still active. Thanks, Geoff.

  14. nimi naren says:

    Lovely flower and great post

  15. lbeth1950 says:

    Do Camellias have a scent? My sense of smell is poor.

  16. Norah says:

    I have no understanding of the snow you are experiencing. I hope better times are on their way.

  17. So glad you survived the snowstorm. The camellia is lovely and a wonderful reminder of warmer weather. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  18. I miss the flowers too, Van. I hate snow. And ice. There is still 3 feet beside the banisters of my front steps. Happily that is the exception, not the rule. Come on back out now, sunshine and melt this stuff! 😀 Hugs

  19. Love the camellia–and how you bridged from the snow.

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