Broadway. I was hooked from the very first time. On a school sponsored field trip, we saw “George M”, with Joel Grey and Bernadette Peters.

The current phenomenon is “Hamilton” from the creative genius of Lin Manuel Miranda. He had the vision to present American history in hip-hop rhythms blended with traditional Broadway sounds, period costumes, inspirational messages and a love story.

It is said you will have to auction body parts to acquire tickets.

This piece of spontaneous karaoke with Miranda and a few other Broadway talents, presented by late night talk show host James Corden, just makes me smile.

Until you get to the 8 minute mark, and they break into “Les Miserables”.

One Day More.  Tears.


** The Tony Awards, honoring American theatre, are presented tonight in a live show hosted by Corden.

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34 Responses to Carpool

  1. I would love to see Hamilton. Frankly I would love to see anything on Broadway. I never have. I’ve seen shows in London’s west end which is the UK equivalent but Broadway is the bucket list theatre item. Sadly I think I would have to flog a kidney and half a liver down a dark alley just to fund the tickets. Even for the less hot shows, funding six tickets is an impossibility and doing the cheap queue on the day way isn’t going to work out for six seats – even in two groups of three – for our group. Sigh. Some day.

    • Miranda announced his departure…tickets climbed to over $800/ seat, and are being scalped for thousands on e-bay. I’ll settle for the cast album, I think. ☺

      • Prices for the show will drop once it’s recast and becomes a touring production I’m sure. Unfortunately we’ve found that even touring productions are out of reach for us financially. It’s a shame as I love theatre and musical theatre and would love to expose my kids to more of it and give them similar experiences to those my husband and I have had. I wish theatre was more accessible to all basically.

      • I took my daughter to see Cats when on tour in Charleston.It was wonderful. Now she lives in NY and takes it for granted. ☺

  2. Wow it would be cool to see a Broadway show!

  3. Oh My Van.. I am just wiping my eyes as I type Van with Great Big smiles of laughter.. .. This video was just brilliant.. And I just LOVE James Corden 🙂
    Hope you have a wonderful Sunday..

    Love Sue xxx

  4. When I was a kid, my mother took us to shows, some in NYC, but mostly at the nearby opera house. It was an absolute joy and I still love it. It’s too bad that the shows are priced out for the average family. Great clip, Van. Love it.

  5. Broadway is the best. Recently our youngest daughter got to go see “Hamilton” three times! I don’t know what Forbes 500 executive she’s holding hostage, what big name celebrity she’s ransoming, or how she started dating Lin Manuel Miranda, but I’m almost positive she will find a way into the Tony Awards tonight. Fun post, Van. :O)

  6. Elyse says:

    How wonderful. I’ve been meaning to watch that and just hadn’t so an extra special thank you.

    I’m also glad they didn’t run anybody over 😉

  7. His videos are awesome! I’ve seen most of them!

  8. George says:

    It’s so easy to get hooked on Broadway which is why it’s sad that the prices are crazy high. I think the wait for Hamilton goes for a couple of years unless you choose to mortgage the home for a pair of tickets. Great video which leads into one of my two or three all time favorite plays…Les Mis.

  9. I believe one of the virtues in life is patience. Hamilton will one day simply be another quality play with available seating at affordable pricing. The need to do “everything” NOW has a cost associated it. As we become comfortable with finding alternative “things to do” we accomplish twice the tasks and ultimately see the performance anyway without breaking the bank.

  10. Lisa A. says:

    I love Carpool Karaoke! We have touring companies that come through El Paso. I saw Riverdance and Wicked through it. I enjoyed both shows a lot. I would love to see Hamilton. One day I want to experience the real deal in NYC! I really want to go to Brooklyn. Some of my boyfriend’s family was from there.

  11. Going to broadway would be an awesome thing.

  12. joey says:

    That was magnificent! I did well up, and I got goosebumps! Man, I love Les Mis, but that whole thing was stupendous — thank you for sharing 🙂

  13. Elisea's World says:

    Lin inspires me.

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