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Proud to say that I picked the first tomatoes today. We got to them before the rabbits did.

We tried everything when they attacked the lettuce.

A large ceramic owl. Foul-smelling herbs. Marigolds.

Motion-activated birds, croaking frogs, statues with bobble heads.

Liquid spray repellants.

Maybe it was a combination of all of these. But, in my heart, I know it was the garden gnome.

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62 Responses to Gnome

  1. vinnieh says:

    Love the bad ass pose of the gnome.

  2. The V Pub says:

    The garden gnome looks so chill! lol The rabbits in my garden won’t eat my veggies. They prefer the clover in my lawn.

  3. LaVagabonde says:

    I’ve heard that if you plant a big patch of clover (any kind), the rabbits will forget about your garden. I can personally attest to the fact that bunnies go wild for clover. When I come home from my walks, my bunny is always waiting at the door for her bouquet. White clover, purple clover, it’s all good, and it keeps producing all summer. 🐰🍀

    • I’ll remember that, but for now, I’m using pots on my deck for the plantings. They told me that rabbits didn’t like marigolds…but I caught one eating them, so… Thanks, Julie ❤️

  4. We have so many rabbits this season. I’m thinking of renaming the place Rabbit Hill Farm. They’re so determined, too. We’ve tried many of the same deterrents as you to no avail. So happy you got to your tomatoes before the rabbits. Fresh tomatoes are one of the best things about summer. Enjoy!! 🙂

  5. Ha ha ha. You have tried everything! Congrats on saving a tomato, Van. I can’t wait for ours to make an appearance. Nothing like a fresh out-of-the-garden tomato. 🙂

  6. Erika Kind says:

    “I” grew tomatoes twice when my middle one was in kindergarten. They planted them and I had to raise them… lol. At least we made it to some fruits which we enjoyed a lot. But not my son…. he did not like tomatoes… haha Enjoy yours 😋

    • My daughter found out that she is allergic to them, and all nightshades. They contribute to migraines. She had to give up some favorite foods. ugh. ☺

      • Erika Kind says:

        Oh, that is sad! But who knows… My daughter developed a gluten intolerance from one day to another. It took us a while to find out what the problem of her cramps was. And then after a year of gluten free nutrition she got those cramps back. She ate a regular pizza and the cramps stopped….. since that time she has no cramps although she eats everything again. I hope that your daughter experiences such a miraculous healing too!

      • She did go gluten-free for over a year too. Then the migraines got worse. It took her years to find out about tomatoes. Our bodies…constantly change and adapt.

      • Erika Kind says:

        That is so crazy to find out what the problem is! Tomatoes are in so many dishes and who would think that tomatoes could be the cause. So glad that she found out, what a torture!

  7. Val Boyko says:

    A reclining gnome … quite provocative! Glad you rescued your tomatoes from this bad ass!

    • This rabbit family ( and I guess the descendants) have lived under our deck for almost 2 decades, in harmony. Only in the past 2 years have they invaded the garden, especially when I planted lettuce. ☺

  8. I don’t know about the rabbits, but he scares the hell out of me! 😀

  9. The gnome, for sure. Those pesky (and cute) rabbits!

  10. wgr56 says:

    When you’re nice to your gnomes, your gnomes are nice to you.

  11. Ohhhh it’s a pipe! At first glance I thought the gnome was putting a pistol in his mouth! Glad you saved the tomatoes! ❤
    Diana xo

  12. Well, even the gnomes must eat. And how can you refuse this guy???

  13. George says:

    Hey, if that gnome works for rabbits, I’m all in😊

  14. I need to get a gnome! We’ve had our tomatoes in containers for a few years and it does help some!

  15. Norah says:

    Do rabbits eat tomatoes?! I’m glad you got yours first!

  16. I must get me A Gnome Van 🙂 haha.. and we have two nearly ripe I need among the many awaiting to ripen.. Glad yours survived for your taste-buds..
    And Nothing quite like the taste of Home grown tomatoes 🙂 xxx

  17. joey says:

    For the same reason, lettuce, cabbage, and coleus cannot be grown at Chez Mottern. :/ It’s so sad. The marigolds and pet hair keep them from other tasties, but I imagine they’d chance Elmer Fudd’s shotgun for a sprig of cold and crispy stuffs. They must not care much for spinach, so I have that goin for me.
    If I could get my hands on some larger, taller pots…

  18. Ha, ha! The gnome looks quite dapper and knows his game 🙂

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