The Rescue Flowers

A sure sign of Autumn, the first potted Chrysanthemums have appeared recently at garden centers and home stores.

Is it time to remove the summer blooms that are thriving on the front porch ?

I’m never sure.

A few years ago, I started to purchase some of those “last minute” Spring flowers. It had to do with weather conditions, cooler than average temperatures caused the delay in flower shopping.

For some reason, I passed by the prime flowers in full bloom and noticed those discounted racks, full of less than perfect varieties.

The first one was a Vinca, with wilting leaves but promising new buds.

I took on the challenge. With a little fertilizer and daily watering, it turned out to be the most healthy and productive plant of the season.

I continued the practice for the next few years.

Sometimes, they could be saved. Sometimes, they failed.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis past year, I found a tub of fading red Impatiens, very suited to the shady conditions of the front porch.

They are still nearly perfect, gracing our very green environment with a splash of glorious red.

Those mums will just have to wait.

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64 Responses to The Rescue Flowers

  1. Sue Vincent says:

    I rescue plants too… all my strawberries this year were rescues and jolly nice they were too 🙂

  2. spearfruit says:

    I am loving the Vinca and Impatiens. Since we sold the house back in August, I do miss the gardening a little bit. Have a great day Van. 🙂

  3. The V Pub says:

    My garden was delayed until mid June due to the strike at work. Now, all of my begonias, New Guinea impatiens, and mandavilla are all in bloom. I don’t even want to think of mums and asters!

  4. colinandray says:

    Regular TLC works wonders for all of us…….. including plants! 🙂

  5. You must have a green thumb Van! This post seems like a great metaphor for life too and not giving up on people. ❤
    Diana xo

  6. It’s wonderful that you are a plant rescuer, Van. It’s an approach to gardening that makes the blooms extra special. I’ve been so focused on veggie gardening that I haven’t paid much attention to flowers. Next spring 🙂

  7. We still have tons of green tomatoes, my roses are still blooming and so are my potted plants. I know what you mean, I hate to pull out plants that are thriving, but it can all change in an instant in the Midwest!

  8. joey says:

    I added some mums about 10 days ago. I always add mums. I buy the cheaper sort, $2.99 and plant them everywhere. I love them. I’ve got orange, pink, red, and purple now, but I will always plant more.
    I’m big on rescue plants, too. Most of my house plants are rescues. People give me plants to rescue all the time. Right now I have my mentor’s fern.
    My mother says you can pull up vincas and begonias and other ‘annuals’, put them in a paper bag in the basement/cellar/attic/whatever and replant them when the weather’s past freezing. She says they often regenerate, but I’ve never done it, have you?

    • I never have, but I might try it this year with a hibiscus. I hear they drop leaves when you bring them indoors, but come alive again in the spring. It’s a beautiful green plant with a twisted stem that I love. Also a rescue. ☺ Glad I’m not alone in this practice. 🌼 🌸 💐

      • joey says:

        I have the tall hibiscus, the treetop sort, and they self-seed or SOMETHIN, cause there were probably a dozen when we bought the house and now there are more like 20. They’re all over the west side of the yard. I’ll be interested in knowing how yours fair!

      • ☺ Good to know, thanks so much.

  9. Lala Rukh says:

    I have a secret passion of growing and caring for flowers and loving them. I once bought two flower pots but didn’t know hoe to care for them and they died. Love your idea of rescuing them from dying. I love flowers and I love your thoughts.

  10. I agree. It’s a little early for mums here as well. It’s so hot! I’m looking forward to autumn. 😊🍂

  11. I planted my first garden of tulips, hyacinths, pansies, and snap dragons this year. They were all discounted. I’ve thought about the mums the have appeared… but those snap dragons are still blooming away (and they’re taking over the garden space)!

  12. Bradley says:

    I’m envious. My tiny apartment leaves me no place for an outside garden. You’ve encouraged me to look for some indoor plants, though, and I’m planning on not getting the healthier ones. That way if they fail it wasn’t my fault, but if they thrive then I’ll be a hero.

  13. I love to rescue too. Sadly, many plants are neglected and don’t get a chance of a good home.

  14. It’s so much fun to rescue plants and wow those are gorgeous!

  15. Erika Kind says:

    Impatience are such beautiful flowers and there are so many different types of them. The ones you posted are so very beautiful. How amazing that they are still blooming!

  16. TanGental says:

    i love the idea of rescue plants, like my dog! Do you name them?

  17. I find that rescue plants are one way to reduce the cost of my gardening hobby, I have to admit it is somewhat of an ego boost to get plants to flourish that others have a hard time with.

  18. George says:

    Vincas are crazy for me. A little after and fertilizer and the blow up by early July and stay that way until late October/early November.

  19. Nice surprises for a lover of flowers and most things that grow. I love Marigolds and save seeds when possible.

  20. Annika Perry says:

    What a great idea and your love and care gives such beautiful results! This year we bought from ‘stalls’ outside neighbour’s houses as well as receiving seedlings from family – the marigolds still blooming. Autumn…I’m refusing to acknowledge it yet!

  21. My partner loves saving plants from the bargain corner of Garden Centres. He’s saved so much money from doing it and we have a beautiful display of plants. He talks to them and tells me they see him as a Superhero. 🤔 I think it’s all gone to his head.

  22. My Head Gardener is a great plant rescuer.

  23. I have pink impatiens in two flower box on my windowsills. One had all plants die. The second box grew larger in only 1/2 the box, and the other half died. I chose these plants, because my windowsills face east, and spend most of the time in the shade. I’ll have to learn what I did wrong, before I plant new flowers next spring.

  24. Lovely idea. Rescuing plants, flowers.

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  26. ex38800 says:

    lovely flowers

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