It was a teenage hangout.

We went here for 3 reasons. To climb the mountain, to make out, to eat at the first McDonald’s in our area.

Not sure of the order of importance.

Fast food was never allowed in my home. When friends heard about those McDonald’s golden arches, we headed 40 miles north to check them out.

It was the 1960’s, and it was shiny and

Hamburgers, fries, milkshakes, all with change for a dollar.

What’s not to love ?

Very close by was a curvy, narrow, dangerous drive up a mountain to reach the Pagoda, a local tourist attraction.

I never saw it in daylight, certainly never as shown in this brief, promotional video.

It was to foretell my future. Some 3 decades later, our family would live in the area.  It would be our first return to Pennsylvania since our college days.

We should make a date to drive up that mountain at night.

It only seems right.

But, we’ll skip the McDonald’s.

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35 Responses to Pagoda

  1. We never had McDonalds either as kids.. And the trend stuck as I hardly ever took mine.. Hubby went once and was ill… So it was off limits there after 😉
    And yes you should drive up that mountain again.. and loved your last sentence Van. I would have to agree with you 😉

  2. We were not allowed fast food or junk foods either, Van. As for that Pagoda, I had the submarine races down by the river front. Use your imagination …. LOL

  3. The V Pub says:

    The Pagoda looks better than any McD’s that I’ve ever seen.

  4. Fast food was a last minute decision when I was a child. I remember loving McDonald’s. I was also raised with more “junk food” in the house than almost any other child I knew. Ironic that I grew up to become a doctor and advocate of healthy living.

    • For me, it was a treat since it was “forbidden fruit” to my parents. I also never had/saw/ate a TV Dinner until I went away to school. We were doing it right all along, I just didn’t appreciate it back then. Thanks, Doc. ☺

  5. Val Boyko says:

    I never knew a pagoda was there! Thanks for an other trip down memory lane Van. 💛

    • At times, there was a restaurant, gift shop, etc. Now, it has been restored, mainly used for civic events, fireworks, etc. It lights up in red at night, can be seen all over the valley.

  6. TanGental says:

    I first heard of Maccy Ds in 1979 when I moved to London to start training as a lawyer. My new flatmate told me of this place in Earl’s Court. Back then it wasn’t the burger and fries that caught our attention but the vanilla milkshakes, like liquid ice-cream. We’d not had anything quite like them at the low price.

  7. LaVagabonde says:

    Interesting monument to find in rural Pennsylvania. McDonalds was revolutionary for its time. I wonder if their ingredients were always so toxic.

    • Even today, there is just something in that burger that I’ve never tasted anywhere else. There was a scandal about horse meat, not sure there was any truth in that, but still… ?????? ☺

  8. George says:

    I’m not a fan of fast food but it seems to me that if you’re going nostalgia McD’s should be a stop. For salad of course…:) Or an ice cream sundae..:)

  9. Erika Kind says:

    That Pagoda at that place…. such a dream 😍 I totally understand how special McDonald’s must have been at that time. I remember how special it was to me when I went to London and ate the first time at a McDonalds since there was none in a wide range where I lived!

  10. No hot apple pie back then Van?

  11. Wow such memories Van! Takes me back

  12. Oh this is funny. Whenever we have to get food ‘on the road’ husband says ‘where’? ANd i say “anywhere but McDonalds”. 🙂

  13. amommasview says:

    Wow, that looks beautiful and I agree, you should check it out. We don’t eat McDonalds (or Macca’s as they call it here) normally. When we do roadtrips it’s a different story… I do pack snacks (healthy ones) for the road but usually the restrooms at McDonald’s are the cleanest and easiest accessible when on the road here. So it’s where we stop and then it’s difficult to not let the kids have some chicken nuggets and chips…

  14. lbeth1950 says:

    Never had McDonalds till I had kids. It is bad food.

  15. I think it’s worth skipping the McDonalds.

  16. joey says:

    My dad likes to tell the story of how he ate his first McDonald’s in Denver, Colorado in the spring of 1967. He likes to tell it a lot. He hasn’t eaten at McDonald’s since 1989 and he likes to tell that story a lot, too.
    It’s nice to have a new McDonald’s story — and such a pretty place to contemplate otherwise.

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