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What are European Shams and why do we need them ?

It was a simple question that I could not answer.

When did bedding become so complicated ?

I grew up with chenille, and a down-filled feather bed.

My first purchase was a wildly floral polyester cover for a dorm room twin bed.

From there, I moved into the comforter set era that included pillow shams and dust ruffle.

I recently settled on new bedding after a frustrating walk through annual “white sales”.

It’s important to find what I really like….I don’t want to have to go through this again too soon.


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76 Responses to Bed Bath Beyond

  1. George says:

    Lol…you’re so right. If anything should not be complicated, it’s bedding.

  2. Ditto that – chenille and a comforter. Oh, and flannel sheets in winter and cotton in summer. Speaking of which: don’t forget the importance of thread count!

  3. Jim says:

    bedding is a huge money making racket.

  4. I’m laughing out loud, Van. Tee hee …. I avoid the bedding department like the plague. I’m a comforter, white sheet kind of gal without the fuss and frill. I have some decorative pillows and a duster in a bag. Just too much and besides the duster gets dusty! Nope, simple. Now thread count … I like the higher thread count because it designates a better quality cotton. Or so I think. Don’t bank on my words though. LOL ❤

    • Glad it tickled you, Amy. I think Oprah might have been the one who had us looking at thread count..long time ago. Now, I see those 1000 count, $25 Egyptian Cotton sets at flea markets..not sure who’s doing the counting there ???

  5. What a racket, huh? I got smart and starting trolling Ikea. They have the Euro sham covers for less than $12 in a multitude of colors, so you don’t have to buy the actual pillow each time. I keep my white down comforter and cover with a small twin spread at the foot of the bed. When the mood strikes, I can easily change the sham covers.

  6. That is all so complicated and means that every time I want to sleep I would need to remove half of the items just to get a decent sleep. Nah! I’ll pass on all the fuss.

  7. I know! So complicated, Van. They end up in a pile on the floor so you can actually use your bed. And then the dog sleeps on them 😀

  8. Erika Kind says:

    Since I know how the bedding habit is in the States I appreciate ours here even more!

    • It has really changed over the years, Erika. Maybe we will get back to simplicity ?? Probably not…I do love a good quilt. 🛏

      • Erika Kind says:

        I habe to say I love it too. I love that look a lot. When we moved back from the States we took some Disney quilts along for the kids’ beds. It was lovely. But since they have to do it on their own now I think they ard happy with the European way😄

  9. Ipuna Black says:

    Funny picture. I had no idea there are so many options! Ha ha.

  10. lovetotsy says:

    I don’t care for the extra laundry myself. I’m sure that could change once I win the lottery.

  11. Bedding and BEYOND have gotten too complicated! I’m with you.

  12. I once heard a comedian say, “at least they’re honest with the name they give a pillow you’re not allowed to use; it’s called a sham.” 🙂

  13. J.D. Riso says:

    Hahaha. I know what you mean. Every time I visit the US, there some new name for some home decor item and I have to figure out what it means. 😉

  14. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    Fitted sheet. Blanket. Two pillows.

    Why does it have to been more complex than that?!? Lol.

  15. writerinsoul says:

    Oh this is rich! And timely. I just purchased my first “duvet cover” something I never heard of till a couple years ago. I’ll be posting about it too. I know there are women/people who enjoy all this stuff. Mainly it leaves me curious; I usually need them explained to me.

    • The hotel industry picked up on duvets a few years back, which was really nice for guests…everything that touched their skin was freshly laundered (unlike those awful bedspreads). It did make for hell for the housekeeping staff…so much more work.

      • writerinsoul says:

        Oh right – I wasn’t thinking about you having worked in a hotel. I kind of am nostalgic for the days I never thought about things like what was on hotel bedspreads. Having now wrestled only ONE comforter into a duvet cover, a process which took me 30 minutes cuz I put in the wrong direction first, I sympathize with housekeeping!

  16. 😀 where to fit in and sleep 😴 giggles but so beautiful colours and tones

  17. Sheryl says:

    Like everything else in life… keep bedding simple…

  18. vinnieh says:

    These are very stylish and extremely classy.

  19. Steph McCoy says:

    You sound a tad frustrated. Seems like everything these days is more complicated. I mean what did we do before we had so many massive choices? And then we convince ourselves we need all this stuff. It’s all so maddening. Fun post with questions I’ve asked myself. 🤣

  20. polymath0 says:

    Here are a few definitions I found by experience. “Bed Skirt”-a piece of cloth that does the dual purpose of hiding the crap under your bed and entertaining the cats when you are too cheap to buy toys. “Pillow shams”-Pillow covers too uncomfortable to sleep with, but have the purpose of convincing visitors that you live in a higher social class than you really do. “Hotel Style”-a meaningless word that convinces you to spend $200 for a $35 sheet set so that you will be fooled into thinking you can sleep as well as you did on your last vacation.

    Unique post. I like it!

    • Oh, I love your alternate definitions ! Especially the bed skirt, also known as the dust ruffle, which I guess keeps the dust off of your under-bed crap ? Good thing. Thanks so much.

      • polymath0 says:

        I almost used the term, “Dust Ruffle,” instead, but I wasn’t sure how many people knew it. That is an excellent addition. If you have any good ideas of what I should do with the extra decorative three pillows I got from my set, let me know. As it is, they come out when I have parties, just in case someone needs to use the second bathroom.

      • I have a sofa off to the side of the bed…they mostly live there !

  21. TanGental says:

    there is a wonderful line in the Bill Bryson book, Notes From a Small Island, just after he arrives in the UK for the first time and checks into a B&B. In his room there is a notice – ‘boots and shoes must not be put on the counterpane’ and he has no idea what a counterpane is so worries it is a part of the carpet. Lovely post Van

  22. joey says:

    I don’t have any Euro pillows on my bed. I’ve got one in the living room, though. Good floor pillow. Moo’s got one on her bed because she is a pillow hoarder. I think her bed-in-a-bag owl set came with it, though, cause I don’t recall shopping for it…
    Anyway, for me, it’s high thread counts on pima sateen white sheets, and quilts. All 100% cotton. A good set of sheets lasts us about three years, being washed weekly. A lil detergent, a lil Borax, no fabric softener, line dry when possible. Mmm, heavenly!
    I avoid any bedding that demands a dry cleaner. And none of that pressing, either. There’s a lot of beautiful, elaborate bedding, but it’s for other people 😉

  23. Laura says:

    Preach. Shams, throw pillows, bed skirts, comforter, duvet, and who knows what all else…sheesh!

  24. markbialczak says:

    I think that before I comprehend the full range of the duvet cover, Van, I must figure out what in my “master suite” may indeed be the duvet. 😮

  25. lbeth1950 says:

    This is too hard. I have mattress pad, two pillowcases, two sheets and a quilt. I am too simple -minded to waste brain cells on bed fashion. I do buy the highest quality sheets I can find, though. Last time I got bamboo. They are the softest and smoothest I have ever had and stay cool! I will never buy anything else.

  26. amommasview says:

    I always admire beds when they look similar to the one in the pic. But then it’s such a fuss! I like a nicely made bed but nicely made will do for me, no additional pillows that you need to find a place to put them while you sleep as they are just there as decoration… I’m just not like that.

  27. Sigh… I’m rarely completely comfortable at night, regardless. It sounds like you had your work cut out for you. But I’m sure whatever you chose was lovely. TGIF! Huge hugs.

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