Spamalot ???

With the utmost respect for all things Monty Python, this post asks a very different question. spamalot

Since more than 90 % of the items in my spam folder are attached to one particular post, will the spammers go away if I eliminate that post ?

Or will they just attach to another ?

Does anyone have a clue about what draws them to your blog in the first place ?

Some followers seem to have taken up residence in spam, and I am reminded to go there frequently to rescue comments. I’m not really clear on why that happens.

Any suggestions or advice will be most appreciated.

And yes, always “look on the bright side of life”…it’s out there.

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94 Responses to Spamalot ???

  1. I have no idea why some folks I follow will have random comments thrown into my spam. Now, as for the BS comments that actually are spam? I have no clue why they do it or what they gain outta doing it. Some of them are over a few hundred words, of pure gibberish. Is that their job? Do they make money per word of crap? I don’t know. I do know I just hit delete. But they come back. It’s bizarre.

  2. Sue Vincent says:

    Just check the spam once a day, delete the rubbish and rescue your friends…and forget about trying to delve into the reasons behind the awful bilge that piles up in there.

  3. colinandray says:

    Spammers really don’t care what Post they attach to as their sole goal is to promote themselves. I let WP Akismet do its job, with me checking in once a day (usually) just in case it makes a mistake. I have salvaged around 15-20 non-spam comments from its grasp however, it has removed 2781 spam comments apparently since Oct 2014!

  4. TanGental says:

    Anal I can offer is this. Seems a pertinent philosophy in this disposable world of spam

  5. George says:

    I try not to pay attention. Ignorance is sometimes bliss…:)
    I wish I knew how to correct it, Van. Sorry.

  6. J.D. Riso says:

    This is one of the reasons I began to close comments on all but the most recent post. The spam was out of hand and if someone wants to comment on an older post they can use the contact form. I check the spam folder every couple of days, because, especially lately, regular readers are ending up in there.

    • Good idea on closing out the older posts to comments. Thanks, Julie.

      • colinandray says:

        Not wishing to confuse things for you but, as Spammers simply find you through random searches, closing Comments on old Posts may have questionable value. From my perspective, old Posts can be of great value as legitimate bloggers stumble across them and wish to Comment. In a decision between trying to eliminate spammers vs trying to encourage legitimate interactions, I would lean towards the latter. Just some thoughts! πŸ™‚

      • Something to consider. I too enjoy when folks discover the oldies and make a comment. Thanks, Colin.

  7. I experience the same as you, Van. I’m glad spam catches the gibberish and bizarre comments, but I have no idea why regular followers/followees end up there. I can’t identify any criteria whatsoever.

  8. Erika Kind says:

    The spams are increasing like crazy at my blog too! If I don’t clean the folder up every two to three days I have 60 or more spams. But they are not attached to only one post. I think it is a hashtag that attracts it. But I have no solution either!! If something comes up in the comments please post about it, Van!!

  9. I wish I knew – it puzzles me, too and would like to know, just because. Also to prevent it, if I could.

    I’m only guessing, here, so for what it’s worth:

    That one post with 90% spam rate might have a hot button word or phrase that search engines love.

    What draws them here in the first place? They want clicks on their site for ad revenue. A couple of months ago, my online mineral forum was bombarded by one post after another – kept the moderators busy for the better part of the day, monitoring and deleting the spam. Based on the URLS, you could tell it was sexually explicit content, or at the very least, the promise of same.
    Many of the site’s members commented on the scale of the “attack.” It was through this discussion that I learned that there are “Click Farms” – people are paid to “like” a Facebook page and to click on the ads on a page to generate revenue. Check it out on Wikipedia.

    My spam hits are low, but I still check about twice a week. Once in a blue moon, a legit comment is flagged as spam. I have no idea why.

    Finally, I think that with the continual upgrades and re-iterations of WP and Windows and Chrome and whatnot, there is bound to be some unanticipated tangle. When I came back to writing here on WP in January, many of my comments needed to be moderated or fished out of the spam folder.

    • I had heard about those Click Farms, but for those of us who ignore their comments, I wonder why they keep coming back ? As to your last point, it seems any break in regular posting will send one to spam. And now, I have to take a closer look at that post…it seemed so harmless at the time. Thanks for sharing, Maggie.

  10. I’ve been getting spam in my notifications and followers in my spam. Really? I have no clue how to fix the problem. When or if you do please knock on my door. πŸ˜†

  11. Happens with me as well. Some of my regular visitors sometimes land on the spam folder for reasons unknown…

  12. I have no clue why it happens. I just check it every other day or so, pitch the spam and save the peeps who somehow meander their way there. πŸ˜‰

  13. I’ve been told that some of my comments ended up in spam, and I’ve found a few there lately as well. I don’t know why this is happening.

  14. I used to remember to rescue comments, I haven’t checked in a while. I should go do that!

  15. You know, I used to do that whole Spams R Us series, but had to discontinue it when the spammers went elsewhere. I don’t know why they left, but I kind of miss them – it was an easy post to write each month.

  16. I need to check my folder ooops

  17. Ron Walker says:

    It’s amazing how some of them will be 1,000 words of random words. I really dislike spammers. They are like a fine dust that gets into everything.

  18. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    I am still trying to figure out why my comments are so spamtastic for your blog?!?

  19. No idea. I always wonder who is on the other side. What sick mind…

  20. That one particular post probably has a word or words that are popular when doing searches via google, Van. I’ve seen spam end up in the comments on many of a blog. Sometimes, the spammer can word the spam to look like a compliment and then the blogger will approve it. I always hover my mouse over the web address of where the comment has come from, and that usually highlights that the comment is spam. If you accidentally approve a spam comment and have your blog set up so that further comments from somebody you have already approved to leave comments, then further messages from them will end up on your posts. That’s why I choose to moderate all comments regardless of who they are from, plus it means I don’t end up missing any.

    There has been a problem over the last year of many bloggers having all their comments captured by the WordPress spam monster! It’s happened to me three times!! WordPress don’t seem to have any idea why it happens and unless you report it to them then comments will continue to go to spam. If I find any genuine comment in my spam folder, I always inform the blogger who sent it so they can check and see if all their other comments are also ending up in spam.

  21. I think they just stick a pin in and have multiple identities

  22. I frequently forget to look at my spam folder. I too have had specific posts attracted to spammers. I am clueless as to why?

    • I tried removing one of the tags that I thought might be culprit…now, I’m getting less on that post, but the spammers migrated to another ?? Oh, well. Delete, delete, delete.

  23. dosirakbento says:

    I hardly ever check my spam folder, they sort of disappear after some time anyway. I wouldn’t even know how I could find out which post/words/tags would attract them.

  24. Steph McCoy says:

    Spam is annoying but sometimes it’s entertaining. My philosophy is out of sight out of mind. I let Akismet do its job and occasionally check for legitimate comments. Just checked my stats and if they’re correct it states that “Akismet has protected your site from 60,405 spam comments already.” This is since 2014 and I’m glad to say this is one thing I’ve gladly relinquished. As other commenters said I don’t know why real comments end up in spam from time to time but I’ve had readers tell me some of my comments have also ended up in their spam folders.

  25. If I got a buck for every Cialis or Viagra spam message I’ve received, I could retire (oh wait, I already did!). One thing that may help is to change your email address if you have it written on your blog site the traditional way: wyzblogger@abcmail . com Change it to wyzblogger at abcmail dot com and ask folks to reply with the legit email address. I’ve seen several bloggers to this, now I do so, and my spam has diminished to two a day. My other website no longer receives the spam emails I used to get wanting me to pay a toll, pick up a package or go to court, LOL! Luckily, like one blogger already commented, Akismet does blog 99%!

  26. Weird stuff ends up in my spam folder. Usually AI comments that read like a speech by Donald Trump.

  27. Gorgeous your BLOG !!! I’m following!!! Follow mine too !!! Kisses !!!

  28. Lady G says:

    Spam happens on some very random posts on my blog. But as you’ve said, some bloggers seem to keep going to spam automatically.
    I know that some of my comments have gone to spam for no apparent reason (eg. links, photos, profanity)…I still haven’t figured out why.

  29. joey says:

    Early on, I discovered a post that included a photo of a woman in a bikini was garnering dozens of views a day, and TONS of spam and yes, I did delete it. I suspect the spam knows where to go, via algorithms or whatever mathy type words one uses. I think they know what’s getting a lot of traffic.
    Best of luck.

    PS: I am UPSET because maybe a month ago, I clicked Follow on your site, I remember getting the subscription email and yet, I didn’t get these posts in my email. I subscribed again. I know these things happen, but DANG.

    • Hey there, sorry you’re not getting these posts ??? You’re not alone, not sure what is going on there.
      I did delete some of the tags, and the spam slowed down, but didn’t stop, so I will be deleting the post. Strange…it was about a neighbor’s overgrown lawn. WTH ???

  30. “Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spammity Spam, Wonderful Spam.” Uh, sorry about that Van. Just a little ditty some Vikings used to sing back at the Green Midget Cafe in Bromley. Now I can’t get it out of my head. Damn Vikings! I have a nasty feeling that my comment is going to wind up in the Spam folder now. πŸ˜€

  31. Well, that’s a relief! Dodged another one. πŸ˜€

  32. dweezer19 says:

    Most of the spammers WordPress has picked out of the visitors to my blog were accurate. They usually seem to be strictly selling something or trying to get a return click, likely to generate revenue. Occasionally there is a poor visitor whose site or address just doesn’t ‘click’ and I will have to retrieve it from the forbidden folder.

  33. I’ve been getting a lot more spam than usual too (both in WordPress and in my regular email). Loved the meme. Have a thriving Thursday. Mega hugs!

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