Tomato Sandwich

It’s the perfect summer sandwich, with the simplest of ingredients.

Garden-fresh tomatoes, mayo, store-bought white bread.

Photo courtesy.

I had the first of many this week.

You might be tempted to modify it, toast the bread, add ingredients like cheese, bacon, avocado, onion, etc.

But please do not. It is a culinary sacrilege.

Salt and pepper are acceptable, lettuce is not. It just gets in the way of those juices that absorb into the first layer of soft white bread.

Those healthier, whole grain breads just do not work here. Home-made or sourdough ? No thank you.

It was the lunch preferred by Louise Fitzhugh’s beloved childhood character Harriet the Spy. She would accept no substitute.

She understood the beauty of tomato as a main ingredient.

So do I.

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83 Responses to Tomato Sandwich

  1. The V Pub says:

    Looks yummy, Van!

  2. Val Boyko says:

    I’m not surprised it’s a favorite! The tomatoes here are SO delicious. πŸ’›

  3. My husband is crazy about tomato sandwiches! πŸ…πŸ˜œ

  4. Tomato sandwiches from the garden – a highlight of summer, for sure. But. I’m a heathen. I use whole wheat bread. I hope we can remain friends? πŸ˜‰

  5. Rowena says:

    These tomato sandwiches sound fantastic, Van. When it warms up, I’ll have to chase some up. We have a tomato plant but it hasn’t produced any fruit. Or, perhaps the birds are beating us to them. Obviously, home-grown tomatoes are the key. We also like using S & W egg amayonaise for special things like this.
    xx Rowena

  6. My oldest sister loved this sandwich. She was a horrible eater (and extremely skinny), but tomato sandwiches (on white bread) was always a winner!

  7. I agree on all but the white bread, Van. How about light wheat? Ha ha. We can’t grow tomatoes here and store-bought just can’t compete. Not even in the same universe. I need to find a farm stand…

  8. I have to tell you I love a good tomato but have eaten it with other ingredients in the sandwich. ouch. I may have to try one with those 3 simple ingredients. :

  9. joey says:

    Yes, oh yes! I know the way! πŸ˜€ Won’t be long now, I’ll have so many! Course, I will make BLTs and caprese salad as well, but oh yes, there will be tomato sammiches!

  10. Claire@LinleyRoss says:

    I am sorry to pop in and be controversial right away… but that sandwich is CRYING out for some mozzarella… πŸ˜‚

  11. I agree with you Van except I like them with salad cream rather than mayo. 😊

  12. Ah! Just what Mum used to send us off to watch cricket at The Oval with πŸ™‚

  13. Hi Van
    The sandwich looks great. I love a plateful of fresh from my garden big juice sliced with salt. Thet and caplellinne on the side was on tap for dinner last night. Yum. Keep the tomato surprises coming. Maybe I’ll break down my homemade red sauce with anchovies!

  14. oneta hayes says:

    Sadly my tomato plants are leafy but lacking tomatoes, just as my haiku today signifies. Aw, such a sad time to be reminded of tomato sandwiches with my garden so sterile.

  15. J.D. Riso says:

    This reminds me of my mother who loves these, too. It never became a fave of mine, because the juice from the tomato made the bread soggy. I can’t deal with soggy bread.

  16. Van, that is one of my favorite things! When I became allergic to eggs (no mayo!) I was at a loss… And the substitutes tasted horrible to me. Finally one day I thought of using cream cheese (spread thin, just like mayo), and I re-found my food love. Mega hugs.

  17. Ron Walker says:

    I have to have my Tomato sandwich in the Summer time. They are like a staple to me. My three basic food groups all together. Bread/Mayo/and Maters.

  18. A great summer treat!!!!!

  19. George says:

    Haven’t had one in a few years but that will change tomorrow😊

  20. Oh, I so agree with you here…I’m salivating…

  21. I only disagree about the toasting….everything else…perfection! I’ll be sharing this next week on my blog. Thanks.

  22. Nurse Kelly says:

    Made my mouth water, Van! My tomatoes are still small, although I have a lot this year. I just pruned the plants so hopefully that will help them grow. Nothing says summertime like homegrown tomatoes, right?
    I love the simplicity of this post and how relatable it is… signature YOU! 😊

  23. I’m not a lover of soggy bread, Van, so have to toast the bread whenever a tomato is involved. I do rather like cucumber sandwiches, though. Oh, and not forgetting a crisp sandwich (salt & vinegar flavour) and the good old chip butty. πŸ˜€ As a child, I loved tomato sauce sandwiches, but these days I tend to like tomato sauce on toast.

  24. Sadly to say tomatoes do not agree with me. Hubby has tomato sandwiches all the time and OH they do look yummy as does yours. More then not (referring to food) disagrees with me. Just allergic to so much. Hope you are having a great weekend! πŸ’

  25. Hmmm! I’ve always tossed in this and that, but I’m going to just go plain juicy tomatoes and see how it tastes.

  26. By garden fresh you mean from Wal-mart right? lol

  27. I’m personally not a fan, but I LOVE the simplicity and purity you insist on! It’s a beautiful thing in this world of grays…

  28. Lady G says:

    That’s exactly how my Daddy likes them!

  29. dgkaye says:

    Well now you’ve made me hungry. I’m off to make a tomato sandwich. πŸ™‚ x

  30. Tasty πŸ˜€ I’m growing baby tomatoes they taste like candy….summer smiles Hedy πŸ˜Žβ˜€οΈ

  31. in says:

    Great easy recipe! Thanks for sharing it!

  32. Laura says:

    My mom introduced me to these, but I never truly fell in love until hubby made me one with a garden fresh tomato…mmmm…
    Oh, and a slice of tomato on a grilled cheese sandwich? Now I’m hungry.

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  34. Ali Isaac says:

    And so do I! The taste of summer. But I’d skip the mayo and go for brown or sourdough personally… with plenty of salt and pepper. Want one now, and I’ve just gone to bed, sigh! 🀣

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