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3 Day Quote Challenge. Day 1.

Happy Halloween ! Day 1 of the Three Day Three Quote Challenge. Many thanks to Pensitivity for the nomination.

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U.S. Blogging Event Poll

There is so much joy in meeting bloggers in real life. So excited for the opportunity of a U.S. blogger’s bash. Please vote on one of the proposed locations. Thanks in advance. ☺ Van

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The Final Gift

I had planned a week of tributes to my larger-than-life father. Then, Orlando happened. Like so many, I struggled.  I’ll save his stories for another time, and resubmit this one. It was special to me. Father’s Day gifts. Some say it’s … Continue reading

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Mister Softee

It’s the jingle heard in every neighborhood, and it hasn’t changed since the 1950’s. I got stuck behind a Mister Softee ice cream truck on the way to a local park. I didn’t mind, I was smiling the whole time, … Continue reading

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A message as we approach Mother’s Day. At first, funny. Then, a bit sad. But a message, still.  

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Yes, it is a real place, a lovely city in western Michigan. The only reference I’d ever heard of it was in a very old Glenn Miller song “I’ve Got A Gal in Kalamazoo”.It’s the first thing I thought of … Continue reading

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Valentine Kindness

I was spared the humiliation. The empty Valentine box. The tradition of exchanging those little paper messages was forbidden at my Catholic elementary school. If youthful expressions of love happened back then, they had to be done in secret. That … Continue reading

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Fabio, fur, fire and felines. A perfect combo platter offered up for Valentine’s Day. I am speechless.

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I was lured by the promise of wedding cake. A local radio station was broadcasting live from a Bridal Show, a perfect diversion for my afternoon walk. A popular annual event that I knew from my days in the hospitality industry, it is  held in the … Continue reading

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About Those Awards. Revisited.

As we come to the end of 2015, I’ve decided to take my blog to “Award Free” status. It makes sense for me. I have never followed the “rules of engagement” for WordPress awards. But, I am forever proud and grateful to … Continue reading

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