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Tomato Sandwich

It’s the perfect summer sandwich, with the simplest of ingredients. Garden-fresh tomatoes, mayo, store-bought white bread. I had the first of many this week. You might be tempted to modify it, toast the bread, add ingredients like cheese, bacon, avocado, … Continue reading

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As we celebrate another MLK Day, and prepare for a new administration that leaves us with a lot of questions and skepticism, I thought I’d share an older post. I always believed in his message of peaceful protest. I still … Continue reading

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Time to simplify. Deep breaths, and a return to basics. Grilled cheese and tomato soup. Wishing everyone a calm, uncomplicated day.

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Four Questions

For some of us, things happened while we were too young to understand. Children get it. Until they don’t. And then, they might spend a lifetime trying to get it back. Some do, some never do, and some are still … Continue reading

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Small Things

Small, poorly focused, black and white. The picture tells a story. I was always the smallest. In childhood, as an adult, over generations past and present. I noticed the difference quite early. In the photo shown, and so many others … Continue reading

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Penny Candy

With a single dollar, we were sent off with a very short list. It was usually bread, milk, and a pack of Tareyton cigarettes for Dad. It was the favorite chore. The trip to the Mom and Pop grocery store. … Continue reading

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Love and Food

Like many, I grew up in a food-focused family. My husband was quick to notice and a bit confused that so many of our conversations centered around food. There is a pretty simple explanation. It was never subtle. It was … Continue reading

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