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There is a curious irony about being depressed in Spring. Flowers, butterflies, trees in bloom, fresh air, sunshine, warm temperatures. Growth, renewal, hope. The profound sadness. I’ve seen it happen too often, to people I love. For myself and family, this … Continue reading

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The Chest # writephoto

They were never intended for our eyes. They were evidence. Family secrets. A life ruined. But there they were. The telltale photos. Glued onto yellowing pages. Hidden at the bottom of the chest. Beneath embroidered lace, sterling silver platters. Two leather-bound albums. … Continue reading

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The Farmhouse

The obsession started with the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, December 7. I wanted to know the exact years my dad had been involved in WWII. I found that he was there from 1942-end of war, as reflected on his enlistment … Continue reading

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Placebo. The Follow Up.

There was a bout of depression in my late 20’s. You could say there were reasons. After moving 2000 miles back to Pennsylvania, we relocated to Michigan. I gave up a promising career to allow for my husband’s advancement. It … Continue reading

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We called him Dr. Julius, he was our family physician for life. He delivered my mother’s six babies, watched us grow, made house calls. He attended every family celebration, baptisms to weddings. He also authorized ECT treatments, saw Mom through severe depression … Continue reading

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Parenting the Depressed

They are the other victims;  the parents of Andreas Lubitz, the 27 year old Germanwings co-pilot who flew a plane into the French Alps, taking 149 lives with his own. As the investigation evolves, it shows depression and anxiety, multiple … Continue reading

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She Never Smiles

This woman has not smiled in 40 years to avoid wrinkles. “Yes, I am vain and want to remain youthful. My strategy is more natural than Botox, and more effective than any beauty cream or facial. ” This is Tess … Continue reading

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On Raising Siblings

Big families are a mixed bag of tricks. For one thing, it is never lonely, even if you try your best to be alone. It is also never quiet, seldom peaceful, and almost completely devoid of privacy. If your parents … Continue reading

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The Walker’s Brain

This illustration is fascinating to myself and anyone who has suffered with any form of depression. I did not reference the source article, since I did not agree with all of its claims; namely that a 20 minute walk might … Continue reading

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It is the first art print I ever purchased. You can’t really count the psychedelic black light posters that decorated my dorm room. This one graced the walls of our newlywed apartment. The bedding was blue, so it made sense … Continue reading

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