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It is my real name. The name I never use on my blog. For most of my life, I was certain that I was named for Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz, the classic that now celebrates its 77th year. … Continue reading

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It comes at us from every angle. Negativity, divisiveness, bigotry, false platitudes, outright lies. It infects our thoughts, enters into our most intimate conversations. It affects our neighbors, friends, family. It is exhausting. But only if we let it in. … Continue reading

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Speeding Ticket ☺

Just a morning smile, in 60 seconds. At first, there is fear. Then, a measure of respect (No, Sir). All followed by a laugh of sheer relief. We need so much more of this.

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As we enter into a favorite time of year, with fresh sweet corn and ample tomatoes, I will share a short one from the past. My father taught me how to pick the best ear of corn. He told me … Continue reading

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Lion Tamer

Sometime in young adulthood, I got interested in Astrology. Not sure why it took me so long. My family was so into all of it. Tarot cards, astrological charting, palm reading, Ouija boards, levitation, etc. The mysterious arts. I never bought … Continue reading

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The $1.00 Car Wash

After a week-long road trip, it was a welcome sign. CAR WASH $1. A group of about 30 people, all ages, all races gathered with sponges, hoses, soap- filled buckets and towels and did an amazing job. As I approached to … Continue reading

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Flesh Tone

Artists understand. It takes a very small palette to create any skin tone. The shades are so close. Some day. Comments closed.  

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