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Absence of Malice

No movie review, I just needed an excuse to post a pic of a pretty man. A favorite blogger asked me how I can write so lovingly about a troubled mother/daughter relationship. Earlier today, I read about Sharon Osborne’s mental … Continue reading

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The Chest # writephoto

They were never intended for our eyes. They were evidence. Family secrets. A life ruined. But there they were. The telltale photos. Glued onto yellowing pages. Hidden at the bottom of the chest. Beneath embroidered lace, sterling silver platters. Two leather-bound albums. … Continue reading

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A Mother’s Pain

I really didn’t want to watch. That woman could have been me. It could have been any one of us. This past weekend, Sue Klebold spoke. She is mother of one of the infamous teen shooters from the 1999 horror … Continue reading

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Placebo. The Follow Up.

There was a bout of depression in my late 20’s. You could say there were reasons. After moving 2000 miles back to Pennsylvania, we relocated to Michigan. I gave up a promising career to allow for my husband’s advancement. It … Continue reading

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We called him Dr. Julius, he was our family physician for life. He delivered my mother’s six babies, watched us grow, made house calls. He attended every family celebration, baptisms to weddings. He also authorized ECT treatments, saw Mom through severe depression … Continue reading

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On a recent WP comment, I described a video as “mesmerizing”, one of my all time favorite words. It comes from an early form of hypnosis used by an Austrian physician named Franz Anton Mesmer. 1734-1815 He rejected the 18th … Continue reading

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The Boys Club

The birth of my brother saved my mother’s life. There is no other way to see it. He was the first son. There were already 3 daughters, the baby girl named after my father, just in case there was never … Continue reading

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The Madness of March

It is the month I have always dreaded. A month of transition. Some of life’s best and worst  have happened in March. In like a lion, out like a lamb; even the weather is confused. If there is a connection … Continue reading

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The Box Purse

It was her only luggage. She reached in and pulled out 2 hundred dollar bills, securing one of the last available hotel rooms that night. Three days later, she left with a police escort. Something about her gentle demeanor, the … Continue reading

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I met Zig Ziglar in Salt Lake City in 1977.  He was one of several motivational speakers at a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) rally. I was not long married, fresh out of college, and new to a promising job with … Continue reading

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