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Stix the Moonshiner

“All these years, I was a laborer trying to be an artist, or a steelworker trying to be an artist. I was an artist.” Ricky Syers. Puppeteer, Artist, Musician, Street Performer.

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A Better Mousetrap

There were 4 mousetraps set. One was missing. Mission accomplished ? Five hours later, he emerged from under a storage box in the basement. He was still alive, neck was partially trapped, he was dragging it around. It was my … Continue reading

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While many mourned the death of Carrie Fisher, I was curious about her mother’s reaction, the unthinkable sadness of losing a child, at any age. We didn’t have to wait long to find out. Debbie Reynolds died a day after … Continue reading

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Easy to be Hard

I found myself on the steps of Columbia University handing out flyers for presidential hopeful Eugene McCarthy. It was the late 1960’s. I was there for a high school journalism conference, a teenager in New York City for 4 days … Continue reading

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“That’s not flying, that’s just falling with style.”  Toy Story. A little inspiration on a day when we in the U.S. go to the polls. Wingsuit base jumping, with pilot Brandon Mikesell. Comments Closed.

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Table For One

Don’t feel sorry for that woman dining alone. It might be a choice. I remember so clearly my first time. I had access to a fully equipped kitchen in the home where I had rented a room. I was 20 … Continue reading

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The Tiny House

Lately, I seem to be obsessing about the Tiny House. *** As I find interesting articles about the increasingly attractive phenomenon of scaling down, I present them to my husband for inspection. He’s not having it. Maybe it’s not the … Continue reading

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NYC in Autumn

“I recall Central Park in fall”   It is a lyric written by NYC producer Milt Gabler for the song Danke Shoen, recorded by Wayne Newton in 1962. His signature song gained renewed fame when lip-synched in the 1986 movie Ferris … Continue reading

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Four Questions

For some of us, things happened while we were too young to understand. Children get it. Until they don’t. And then, they might spend a lifetime trying to get it back. Some do, some never do, and some are still … Continue reading

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When asked about our favorite part of the season, a first response was how great it is to finally sleep under covers.  But there is so much more.   Autumn is the season of festivals. We entertain ourselves just fine in … Continue reading

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