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Easy to be Hard

I found myself on the steps of Columbia University handing out flyers for presidential hopeful Eugene McCarthy. It was the late 1960’s. I was there for a high school journalism conference, a teenager in New York City for 4 days … Continue reading

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“That’s not flying, that’s just falling with style.”  Toy Story. A little inspiration on a day when we in the U.S. go to the polls. Wingsuit base jumping, with pilot Brandon Mikesell. Comments Closed.

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3 Day Quote Challenge. Day 3.

Winner of the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature. Bob Dylan. The Times They Are A-Changin’. 1964 Day 3 of the Three Day Three Quote Challenge. With many thanks to Pensitivity for including me in a favorite challenge.  

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The Tiny House

Lately, I seem to be obsessing about the Tiny House. *** As I find interesting articles about the increasingly attractive phenomenon of scaling down, I present them to my husband for inspection. He’s not having it. Maybe it’s not the … Continue reading

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NYC in Autumn

“I recall Central Park in fall”   It is a lyric written by NYC producer Milt Gabler for the song Danke Shoen, recorded by Wayne Newton in 1962. His signature song gained renewed fame when lip-synched in the 1986 movie Ferris … Continue reading

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As with most fears, there was a reason. It came from a childhood memory. Her much- loved uncle raised honey bees on a farm not far from the family home, more like the family block. They were immigrants who stayed … Continue reading

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Four Questions

For some of us, things happened while we were too young to understand. Children get it. Until they don’t. And then, they might spend a lifetime trying to get it back. Some do, some never do, and some are still … Continue reading

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Into the Wild

There is a certain spirit that we all share that can be called “wanderlust.” It is why travel blogs are so very popular, the vicarious thrill. It was exciting to discover the word “Magyar” on the immigration papers of my … Continue reading

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It was a teenage hangout. We went here for 3 reasons. To climb the mountain, to make out, to eat at the first McDonald’s in our area. Not sure of the order of importance. Fast food was never allowed in … Continue reading

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The New Neighbors

The groundhog or woodchuck is also known as the “whistle pig”. I know that now, spending a few days waking up to their chatter while on a visit to family. Surrounded by woods, streams and lakes, a colony of groundhogs, … Continue reading

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