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Zoe Update

Like so many blogs, mine has gone silent in light of current events. Time to go visit the puppy (and her parents.) There’s a new fur baby in the family. Hers is a face to be shared. Zoe was adopted … Continue reading

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World Events That I’m Handling Well Right Now

The Complete List:

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3 Day Quote Challenge. Day 3

From Lewis Carroll, in  Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, a message to self. Thanks to Rob for the challenge nomination.  

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3 Day Quote Challenge. Day 2

When called upon to tell her story, Alice asks “Where do I begin?” The King has the perfect answer. From the 1865 classic, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, it might be the best advice for a writer, ever. With thanks to … Continue reading

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3 Day Quote Challenge. Day 1

With thanks to Rob for the nomination, I’m happy to share a few favorites from Lewis Carroll’s 1865 classic. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Rob blogs at

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Epiphanies at Dawn

The sun rose today at 5:27 a.m. I know this because there is a program on my computer called F.lux that moderates light, brightening the screen at daybreak, dimming it at sunset. I see it happen every day. Morning is … Continue reading

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There is a curious irony about being depressed in Spring. Flowers, butterflies, trees in bloom, fresh air, sunshine, warm temperatures. Growth, renewal, hope. The profound sadness. I’ve seen it happen too often, to people I love. For myself and family, this … Continue reading

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It’s a simple chime heard around the world. They say that memory is most easily invoked by the sense of smell. Sometimes, it’s about a sound. It’s the reason I like to walk around a local university campus. A few … Continue reading

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It’s that time of year. The toes come out. I saw a picture of my sister from a restaurant review in another state. It was a candid newspaper photo, she was a friend of the owner and a fan of the … Continue reading

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Fruit Cones

A simple idea for those summer gatherings. Dip waffle/sugar cones in chocolate, fill with fresh fruit, serve with favorite fruit dip. For the chocolate: Break a 3-4 oz. dark chocolate bar into a small bowl. Add 1 teaspoon coconut oil. Microwave … Continue reading

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